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Which Chicagoland county has the highest property taxes?

by Peter Thomas Ricci


The average homeowner in Lake County pays more than $7,770 in yearly property taxes, which is the highest in the Chicagoland area, according to a new analysis from the NAHB.

Additionally, Lake County homeowners pay an average tax that is 23.06 percent of their property’s value, though tax rates range from 8.74 to 41.07 percent of the property.

Here’s how Lake County compares with Chicagoland’s other counties:

County Average House Value Average Real Estate Taxes Average Property Tax Rate Lowest Tax Rate Tract Highest Tax Rate Tract
Cook $283,514.44 $5,040.54 17.78% 4.68% 38.49%
DuPage $332,411.38 $6,713.45 20.20% 9.50% 34.05%
Kane $246,526.05 $6,114.67 24.80% 10.48% 31.68%
Kendall $222,535.99 $6,105.09 27.43% 20.56% 31.04%
Lake $337,196.42 $7,774.92 23.06% 8.74% 41.07%
McHenry $237,813.00 $6,169.66 25.94% 19.54% 33.13%

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  • Scott says:

    Am I missing something, if I’m reading the chart correct it shows McHenry County as the highest.

  • Thanks for your comment, Scott! Lake County homeowners pay, on average, the highest amount of real estate taxes, though Kendall County homeowners pay a higher share of their home’s value.

  • Angelica Vazquez says:

    This list is not current. I’m a long time resentdant. My tax for this half year went up more. I thougt the Maryor said only 500.00 more. On top of that resident living there is 500.00 dollars . Is now 480.00. So who is fooling how?

  • M. & K. Strong says:

    My taxes for 2015 were $9204.50 and in 2014 were $9271.58 on a Fair Market Value of $235,660. in City of Woodstock, Seneca twp. McHenry County. This is on a house built in 1979 –since the house was built, there have never been any children here (schools are about 70% of our bill), and we are 72 & 75 and tired of paying the heavy taxes. Housing prices here have not recovered –who wants to saddle themselves with taxes at this level in addition to their mortgage? We wanted to age in place here, but will be forced out by the high taxes. I tried to appeal our taxes and was turned down by the Bd. of Appeals. We are not alone. This is over $1400. more than the house in Lake Co. which has a FMV of over $100,000. more than ours. Check out Woodstock taxes.

  • Marcus R, says:

    Where’s Will County?????

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