Agent X: Constructing Newness

by Agent X


It’s that time of year…again! As we all know, there are two seasons in Chicago: winter and construction. I’ve probably shared that joke with you guys before, but that doesn’t make it any less funny (or true). There are a lot of numbers and data in this issue, and of course some pretty pictures. But now you’ve finally arrived at the bright spot in any CA issue: my column. So gather around, sit back, order another mojito and enjoy the juice that I’m about to spill.

I somehow managed to survive the Air and Water show. It takes a lot out of an agent to spend the entire day on a rooftop slurping cocktails as jets and planes whiz by. I’ve seen many Instagram photos from you folks recently, and as I said in the last issue, perhaps it’s time you all got back to work? I really hope there is a fantastic luxury condo you’re listing behind the C-31A Troopship and MH-65D Dolphin Helicopter you posted the other day. You know who you are. Surprised I know my planes? Honies, I know everything about everything.

My spies are all about social media today, and so I have multiple tidbits to report. Matt Laricy and Paul Blackburn both happened to post pics of their favorite songs that they like to listen to on the way to showings. Matt doesn’t have any bad blood, so he listens to Ms. Katy Perry singing “Teenage Dream.” Paul Blackburn, on the other hand, enjoys “Cheerleader” by Omi. I’m not ashamed to say I have never heard of that song or that artist. Okay, that’s a lie. One of my assistants just played it for me and it seemed familiar. I vote for Matt’s pick.

Benjie Burford (the CEO of Conlon, which you should really already know, but just in case) went ahead and shaved the Conlon logo into his hair. The Instagram caption was: “CONLON commitment!” My editors are going to tell me I’m being too snarky, but I’m going to say what everyone is thinking – let’s just hope that hair grows back, if you know what I mean.

It’s summer, so of course there have been lots and lots of parties. For starters, the Grant from Related Midwest had a little soiree to celebrate being sold out. Champs for all to toast the folks in the South Loop for getting it done!

CA just held their annual golf outing a couple weeks ago. I had prior obligations (it has to do with a yacht, a sultan, Dubai and a giraffe, and that’s all I can reveal) so I had to miss out on the fun. I did hear that a couple of golf carts almost went overboard on the swamp bridges. If they actually DID go overboard, I would be even more upset about missing the event.

Guaranteed Rate held a Rooftop Fiesta party featuring a whole bunch of cardboard cutouts of Ben Cohen wearing a sombrero and a poncho. My question is, what did they do with those cutouts after the party? Did Benny take them all home or give them away?

More birthdays for us to gab about! Alma Hampton and Lynn Reidl shared a birthday on August 15th, so maybe Alma should look into getting a billboard to match that one I’ve spotted of Lynn on Lincoln Avenue? Rita Unzner raised the roof on August 16, while Brian Cumpton boogied down on August 18. Dennis Papiernik had pumpernickel cake on August 21, and a whole mess of folks celebrated on August 22, including Anni Betts, Niel Thakkar and Zachary Gasiorowski. Mike LaFido, who I’ve heard figured out how to “Crack the Real Estate Code” (that plug is your birthday present), shared a birthday with Adam McLain on August 23. Michael Riesenbeck partied on August 24, and Karyn Johnson Bonder ate cake on August 25. Honore Frumentino, who has one of the coolest names in real estate, has her birthday on August 26, while Amy Howell and Lynn Weekley will celebrate on August 30.

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  • Anita Blackburn Nowak says:

    I just want to say that I have to agree with Paul Blackburn’s song, “Cheerleader” by OMI. Also I really enjoyed reading your magazine.

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