Agent Snapshot: Maria Simoncelli, Realtor Associate, @properties, Libertyville


Maria Simoncelli is a Realtor Associate with @properties in Libertyville.

What was your first job in the realty industry? I started out as a buyer’s agent.

Where did you grow up? I am a native of Texas.

What is your favorite free-time activity? Experiencing life with my three-year-old twin girls. I enjoy taking them to new areas. They are full of life, and everything is so exciting to them at this age. We try out new parks that I see as I go into new neighborhoods with my clients. I learn so much and find new and exciting areas to explore with my family.

What do you do to relax when you’re stressed? I am a fitness guru. I enjoy working out and keeping fit and healthy. I spend any free time I can in my basement lifting weights and going out on runs with my fabulous group, Moms Run this Town.

Growing up, what did you want to be? I knew at an early age that I wanted to grow up and be a real estate agent. I didn’t pursue my dream until later in life and especially after giving birth to my twins. I worked as a marketing director for an assisted living community, and it was there that I realized that I needed to follow my dream. I worked with agents to assist in listing the homes of the seniors and aided the children throughout the process. I knew then – it was my time to be what I have always wanted to be.

If you could have lunch with a well-known figure (living or not), who would it be and why? I would choose Audrey Hepburn. I admire the woman she was, even with her polite ways she portrayed on television. Today, she remains the irrefutable personification of irresistible charm, grace and dignity. Audrey was fiercely unreserved in speaking for those who otherwise had no voice. As she said, “I feel so strongly that’s where it all starts, with kindness. What a different world this could be if everyone lived by that.”

Where is your favorite place to hang out? I enjoy living in Illinois due to the all the places to go. Every week there is a new place to try. Whether you are in the suburbs, on the lake or in the city – there is so much to do. So, my favorite place to hang out? I have many.

What do you love most about the industry? What I love most about the industry is interacting with my clients. I enjoy meeting new people. I enjoy building a lasting relationship with clients and learning so much about their needs and family during our time together. Every client has a different purpose.

What is the most difficult aspect of your job? I find that at this particular time I would say being honest with my sellers. It is difficult to tell a seller that their home worth is way less than they feel it is. Of course, our job is factored by the market, and that is the best we can do. I believe educating clients is the best thing to do.

How do you distinguish yourself from the crowd of agents? I am a newer agent, and I find that I am still learning as much as I can. In this industry, I have found that you can be overwhelmed at times. Distinguishing myself from the crowd of agents? There are so many agents in Illinois and we all have something different we bring to our career. I have dedicated 110 percent of myself to my career. I am doing all I can to grow and be a great resource to the community when they are in need of real estate advice.

Where do you go to network and meet new clients? I am part of a variety of networking groups from local chamber of commerce to community involvement and daily programs my children are involved in. I meet new people everyday and I enjoy being a part of different groups. I am a runner and meet many people this way, as well, which has helped with business. I enjoy volunteer programs and getting involved throughout the year as well.

What has been your greatest accomplishment? My greatest accomplishment has been to pursue my lifelong dream of becoming a real estate agent and hanging on during the difficult times.

What was the last good movie you saw or book you read? “The Million Dollar Real Estate Agent.”

What is your favorite restaurant? I truly love Philly G’s in Lincolnshire.

Architecturally speaking, what is your favorite building in Chicago? The Carbide and Carbon Building located at 230 N. Michigan Avenue.

What kind of car do you drive? Currently, I drive a Tahoe.

Smartphone or Paper? Smartphone.

What is your favorite city after Chicago? Dallas.

In 10 words or less, what is your advice for someone new to the industry? Stay positive, persistent and ambitious.

What’s your favorite Real Estate iPhone/ Blackberry app? I personally like the Midwest Home app.

Who are your favorite people to follow on Twitter? Lynn Madison, Chad Carroll and MRED.

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