Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

by Agent X


Would you believe me if I told you that I became the successful agent you know and love today all on my own? That’s a valid theory based on my charm and effervescence, but it would also be a big, fat lie. Oh, no, dear readers, I’m not afraid to admit I’ve had lots of help right from the start. I’ve got a full-on entourage of folks who make up my team, which I am proud to refer to as the Ultimate Dream Team. Who is this rag tag bunch that supports my every move? I can’t reveal their names here, because then you might be able to figure out my true identity. However, when working with my clients, I am more than happy to put each and every team member on their own gold-covered pedestal. Many have even joined me on some of my exotic vacations, partly because I’m better with an audience. Enough about me, let’s get to the gossip.

Finally, the wait is over! The much-talked-about Who’s Who issue hit the stands a couple of weeks ago. The feedback has been pouring in, and my loyal readers have a lot to say about what they saw in the pages of the mag. Some notes were really positive, and of course some comments were a little snarky. I only want to share the good, so let’s just say Akheem Henderson, Monique Pieron- Strong and Amy Pritchard have a lot of fans out there. Everyone looked super sharp, but those are some of the photos that really got people talking. And Millie Rosenbloom, naturally, looked as classic and gorgeous as ever. She just doesn’t have a bad side. Want to know how to get your mug in the issue? Be awesome. That’s my only advice.

To celebrate the release of my personal favorite issue, CA hosted their annual Who’s Who party. Fun was had by all, and I definitely suspect some strange things happened in the shadows. I would never name any names, but one attendee (you know who you are) took a lot of selfies. I also heard a certain fellow (you definitely know who you are) dove right in and ate meatballs straight from the trough. You guys, there was also a Mario Greco sighting! This is rare, as he’s usually too busy being No. 1. Shout out to Dream Town and Guaranteed Rate for sponsoring the fun, and funding the meatballs.

While that was obviously the coolest party as of late, there were a few other happenings around town. I enjoyed a neat hard hat tour of the Ronsley Building, and I already have my eye on a primo unit.
Nick Libert took time off from his vacation (he always seems to be on vacation) to appear on HGTV yet again. How does he have time to actually sell any real estate? Speaking of busy folks, one can never be too busy to attend a T. Swift concert. I was lucky enough to see the view from front row, and I spotted a bunch of industry folks in the crowd, including real estate’s first couple, Thad and Emily. The Blackhawks convention was less my speed, but I did make an appearance, and rubbed elbows with tons of real estate pros there as well.

Summertime is the perfect time for moving and shaking. Kathleen Malone left Related Realty, and returned to @Properties. Debbie Beaver left her longtime gig at William Ryan Homes to run Emerald, a division of DR Horton. Evelyn Fred, who I really hope has a brother named Fred, moved from Jameson to BW as director of career services. Last, but far from least, Doug Fox has made the foxy switch over to Jameson Sotheby’s International, where he will be the managing broker of their Evanston and Winnetka offices. Still no word as to whether he roots for ETHS or New Trier, because clearly it’s one or the other.

July is a busy month for birthdays with Ilyce Glink celebrating another year on July 13, Matt Farrell on July 15, Kim Manning on July 16, Erick Stegeman on July 18 and both Bruce Beddard and Joe McBreen on July 19! David Valley celebrated his big day on July 21, while the wonderful Connie Antoniou and John Federici enjoyed some birthday cake a day later on July 22. Jessica Dangles and Mike Cuevas enjoyed some birthday champagne on July 23, while Ryan Holden and Paul Dincin sipped on cocktails with friends three days later on July 26. Don’t forget to wish a very happy birthday to Lauren Deane on July 30 and Tim Lindsey on July 31.

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