Five Stars for Me

by Agent X


As I’m sure you could easily guess, I always get fabulous reviews. One time, long ago, back in the time before smartphones and Yelp! and so on, someone dared to write a bad review of my service. Luckily, the only place that review showed up was inside an envelope, so there was no harm done. But I did learn something very valuable: negative reviews suck. Since that dreadful day, I’ve made sure that all my clients walk away happy as clams, and now all I ever receive are  reviews that include five gold stars. If you don’t feel like going above and beyond for your peeps, then you should pack up your Louis luggage and move on to a new career. Perhaps basket weaving? I tried that once but my fingers were too fat. On to the gossip!

CAR handed out some awards on June 15th. I’ve already won many of these awards in my long history, so I’m not super upset that my name wasn’t called. I’m a gracious loser, so I’m happy to say congrats to the following folks: Eddie Garcia and Darlene Little won Managing Broker of the year for under 50 and over 50, respectively (that’s their licensees, not their ages). Scott Burgess was named Affiliate of the Year, Thad Wong got the Community Service Award, Bob Krawitz got the Achievement award, and Matt Farrell scooped up REALTOR® of the Year honors.

More excitement at the latest Who’s Who photo shoots! If you’re not already on the Who’s Who list you should really get cracking, if for no other reason than to witness the juicy goodness that happens behind the scenes. The CA staff was pretty happy about viewing the Blackhawks parade in the background during a shoot at Catalyst. I’m sure it was fun to attend the parade, but I much prefer the view from many, many stories up and out of the action (and away from sweaty, drunk people pushing and shoving). At another shoot, two team members got into a fight because one of them went rogue and chose to wear something different than what the pair agreed upon. I’m telling you I couldn’t even make this stuff up!

Ivona Kutermankiewicz (try saying that 3X fast, or typing it for that matter) is running a half marathon and raising money for CF’s NICU Transportation Program, which provides relief to families, allowing them to be with their critically ill children. That’s 13.1 miles for a great cause, so get out your checkbooks (or Quickpay or PayPal or whatever).

Akos Straub was spotted busting a move at the Dancing for Humanity Event on Sunday, June 14, and there are pictures to prove it.

At Guaranteed Rate’s BBQ, Bourbon and Blues party for the Guaranteed Rate Foundation on June 18 at the Paris Club, folks got rowdy with some down-home cooking and even more down-home drinking. Ty Pennington’s used boxers were up for auction, and unfortunately someone outbid me at the last minute. You know who you are, and you’re now on my Arya Stark list.

MREDPALOOZA was held on June 23rd, where a ton of agents jammed into the convention center in Rosemont. Not much dancing or bourbon, but plenty of vendors, classes and networking.

Birthdays! Chip Cornelius and his rock star name celebrated on June 27. Joan Maloney will celebrate on July 2, and Frank Montro has to share his birthday with America on July 4. Heather Gustafson may enjoy some chocolate cake on July 8, though I’ve heard Ken Dooley actually prefers cheesecake for his July 11 bday. You better believe Janet Belief will get lots of birthday wishes on July 12.

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