Real Estrange: Pimps, Spiders and Thieves

by Chicago Agent


Pimp’s Paradise

Believed to be the Midwest’s tackiest mansion, Indianapolis’ “pimp house” has slashed its asking price from $2.2 million in 2012 to $862,000. Jerry Hostetler, a Indianapolis pimp turned construction mogul, spent years crafting the 23,000-square-foot mansion, which features a grotto with hot tub, numerous gargoyles, and dolphin statues out front and near the swimming pool. Due to a lack in funds, Hostetler lost the mansion in the mid-2000s, and it was later purchased by Florida-based tech investor Chad Folkening, an Indiana native, after Hostetler’s death in 2006. Read the full story on Yahoo! News: http://ow.ly/Mboow

Creepy Crawlers

A tennis shoe or tissue generally does the trick when you find a spider crawling about your house, but for one family, evacuation was necessary to kill the estimated 4,500-plus brown recluse spiders living in the wall of their Weldon Spring, Mo. home. Shortly after discovering the brown recluse problem, the couple filed a claim with their insurance company and a lawsuit against the home’s previous owners for not disclosing the issue. The jury awarded the couple slightly more than $472,000. Read the full story on USAToday.com: http://ow.ly/Mbqi2

A Liar and a Thief

Forty-year-old Rebecca Bench and her accomplice, Laura Campus, are behind bars after posing as a real estate agent and client during unscheduled home showings around the Houston area. Bench would introduce herself to homeowners using the name of a licensed agent in the Houston area, and would present the homeowner with a real license number before enter the home and stealing valuable items. The two women are believed to have stolen more than $30,000 worth of items during a burglary spree. Read the full story on Really Rotten Realty: http://ow.ly/MbtyF

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