Agent X: We Don’t Care About the Young Folks

by Agent X


Ah, the mysterious Millennials. You either want to work with them or be them – sometimes it’s hard to get into the club if you’re not one of them. I do what I can to stay young and fit, and I work hard to stay up-to-date on the lingo that works for Generations X, Y, Z, ZZ, YYYYY, etc. They keep getting younger, and I keep getting richer. I’m okay with things continuing to unfold this way.

So that big kerfuffle over some comments Andrea Gellar made two years ago about transparency in financials at CAR seems to have come to an anticlimactic end. The defamation trial was set for this month, but the week before precedings the lawsuit was discontinued. I hope everyone got together and simply hugged it out, but I’m assuming that wasn’t exactly what went down. 

A random good Samaritan found a check on the street made out to Greg Pekarsky’s Vesta Preferred Realty. The friendly, upstanding citizen returned the check along with a bag filled with a dreidel, a Larabar, stickers, a temporary tattoo and tie pins. Looks like the check fairy has struck again, my friends.

Ever wanted to watch Adam McLain get punched in the face? Well now’s your chance! Even if you don’t want to see him get beaned, how about helping him out with some dough for a good cause? Adam is participating in the Chicago Real Estate Rumble on May 21, with proceeds going to Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Metropolitan Chicago. I’m sure many others of you out there are participating, but Adam is the only one to have found his way into my inbox, so he gets the free press – you other boxers need to step up your fundraising game. Visit
www.chicagorealestaterumble.com to buy tickets, and contact Adam about donating.

It’s almost time to break out the spring/summer wardrobe, which is the best reason of all to go to a party. The CAR awards were held on March 12, celebrating all the top sellers (the folks that are doing their job right) in the area. Awards also went out to the Rookies of Year, some of which I’m guessing were Millennials. I was supposed to win another award this year, but I’ve got no room on my mantel so I decided to remain on my yacht for one more week.  

WCR Chicago held a Residential Developer Panel on March 18 at Michael Jordan’s Steak House. Developers love steak and so do I, but it meant that many of us were in a food coma by the time the panel was over.

Matt Laricy had a housewarming/birthday party March 21 at the Montgomery Club. Matt celebrated his 31st in style and showed us all how swanky he is.

Late March bdays! Melissa Archer Wirtz celebrated with all three of her names on the same day. Michelle Bobart got her jam going on March 22, Peter Moulton celebrated on March 24 and Marissa Lanzito will have some cocktails on March 28. Wish Deena “can’t miss her” Zimmerman a happy birthday on March 30, and do some extra bicep curls in honor of Mike Vesole’s big day on April 1.

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