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As I mentioned last week, I don’t have to ask what my clients think of me, because I just know. After the issue went to press, I received some fan mail asking how I get my clients to love me. That’s a really great question, and it gives me a chance to talk about myself even more. You see, I have a whimsical attitude about life and real estate, and I drape myself in Gucci from head to toe. I also give a bottle of Cristal to each of my clients when they close on a home, which we immediately break together against the front door to celebrate the occasion. After that, I give them a bottle of Macallan 18 and a gift certificate to Alinea. So when in doubt of your status as an agent, keep these tips and tricks in mind.

If all else fails, share a bit of gossip with your clients, because everyone loves to hear a tidbit of juicy gossip.

I popped over to the @properties expo at Aqua on Nov. 17, and who should show up but my good friend Ty Pennington. I’m sure by now you’ve all seen the photo of Thad Wong and Mike Golden on swings. If you haven’t, then call up anyone at @properties and inquire because they would be happy to send it your way.

Chicago Real Estate Resources held a 10-year anniversary party at the rooftop of theWit with an open bar and lots of food. There was pizza and a make your own lettuce wraps/taco bar among the offerings. Pretty brave to hold a rooftop party in the middle of November, but this is Chicago, of course, so obviously, that means the roof is retractable.

Homebridege will have their grand opening party on Dec. 3, thanks to Steve Stapleton who is bringing the office to the neighborhood. Mr. Tons of Staples himself first leased the office space when he was part of Mid-America, but when that fell through, he had no trouble renegotiating the deal on behalf of his new digs.

A fair amount of real estate agencies were recognized as being among the top 100 places to work this year. That’s really great for the likes of Baird & Warner, @properties, Kale Realty, Greater Illinois Title and Charles Rutenberg, but I still think I’ll stick to my guns and continue flying solo. Even a top 100 company isn’t going to be a fan of the fact that I spend half of the year jet-setting from one tropical locale to another. Next month, I’ll be spending a couple of weeks in Easter Island.

Beware: there seems to be a “Bling Ring” going on – or maybe it’s just one person, who several luxury agents have identified as attending their high-end listings’ open houses after valuables come up missing. She’s hit up homes in Lincoln Park and the Gold Coast, so be on alert if a woman in workout clothes carrying around a baby wanders into your open house. She says she’s a real estate agent, but my contacts at the Chicago PD say she’s a scam artist, and I’m hoping we can arrange another open house sting operation to catch her red-handed.

These folks are getting older this year, while I keep getting younger. Eric Richards celebrated Nov. 24 and Noel Christopher and agent to the stars Jenny Ames both celebrated their birthdays on Nov. 26, but I hope they laid off the cake and ice cream long enough and enjoyed some pie on Thanksgiving the very next day. Rosa Bartolotta, on the other hand, was already full of turkey when celebrating on Nov. 29. Terrie Whittaker will get the party started tomorrow on Dec. 2, while Erin Mandel will keep it going on Dec. 3, and then Kevin Dembinsky will pick it back up on Dec. 4. Mike Jones will be keeping up with the Jones’s on Dec. 6, and Andy “don’t call me Andrew” Shiparski may finally get the pony he’s always wanted on Dec. 8.

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