The Only Number That Matters is Dollars

by Agent X


One thing I like about clients is that they come in all shapes and sizes. They also come in all colors of the rainbow and run the gamut from age 18 to 118. Big/small/young/old/purple/orange/blue, it doesn’t matter, because the only color I ever really see is green.

I do understand that not everyone has the ability to appeal to the masses, so that’s why this issue is probably pretty handy for some of you folks out there. Kids these days speak a different language, so you’ve got to stay hip with the times. One afternoon I’m telling a client that a house is “bae” and squealing about the scary clown on American Horror Story, while the next day, I’m showing another client how to use Google Maps. A couple quick hints to get you through the day: 5 Seconds of Summer is a boy band, in that song where she talks about “that bass” she’s actually referring to her tushy, and there was a time when people used phones to speak to each other rather than text. There, now you can work with anyone.

I’ve imparted my wisdom, so now I’ll share some gossip. Linda Feinstein left ERA and opened a RE/MAX in Hinsdale. Word is she is really fond of capital letters. Kelly Demers also left PERL Mortgage to join Chase, so the opposite might be true of her. 

“The Apprentice” season one winner turned real estate developer, author and motivational speaker Bill Rancic interviewed Sean Conlon for AT&T Business Circle about how he came to America from Ireland with practically nothing, and built CONLON: A Real Estate Company (now CONLON/Christie’s International Real Estate) from his own blood, sweat and tears. The interview didn’t take place in RPM Steak, unfortunately (their seafood tower is heavenly), but perhaps that was best – no distracting the viewers with seafood and steak. I wonder if CONLON’s preferred network is AT&T…

In happier news, a new brokerage has opened up in the city called Idealty. Pretty cool name, which I’m guessing is pronounced Ideal-ty rather than ID-ality, like Candyality on Southport. They had a pretty fun party to celebrate in Wicker Park, where guests received a nifty screen print map of Chicago.

Great Street Properties and PERL Mortgage hosted a broker’s open on October 28 at 50 E. Chestnut, where guests were offered free rides via Uber. It was my first Uber experience, and I am happy to report I arrived and departed safely and wrinkle-free. I did not, however, win the raffle for the dinner at TRU, but that’s okay, because the lunch prepared by Chef Charles Webb was so tasty that I didn’t have room for dinner.

On Oct. 29 I celebrated diversity with Coldwell Banker’s event for the LGBT broker, business partner and business executive. They had another to-die-for menu, this one courtesy of Chef John Liddell. I must say that I am a real fan of this trend of having fabulous chefs cater events, even if my “bass” isn’t happy about it.

These folks are getting older, while I still keep getting younger. Please wish Jim Roth and Ryan Steele happy birthday on Nov. 9, and give Alex Chaparro a birthday pinch on Nov. 12. Then if you happen to come across Alan Lev on Nov. 14, shout happy birthday at him as loud as you can across a crowded room. Trust me he’s going to love that, because who wouldn’t?

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