So Many Choices

by Agent X


Time to dust off your finest gowns and your bespoke-iest suits, because the Agents’ Choice Awards have arrived. Everyone says it’s an honor just to be nominated, but the only people who say that are the ones who go home empty handed. The winners are the ones who get to say, “I’d like to thank all the little people.” Whether you win or lose actually doesn’t matter, just as long as you get invited to the party.

Speaking of the party, 850 LSD was a nice backdrop for the big awards ceremony. The lake views may have been blocked a bit by the fog and cloudy skies, but that’s Chicago for you (and the main reason I try to live in Turks and Caicos most of the year), but the party was still a hit – food, wine, elegance and me sitting in the lap of luxury…so really it was no different than any other Tuesday. Congrats to the winners and better luck next year to the losers.

In the Chi, there are lots of opportunities to appear on reality TV (“House Hunters” agents, I’m looking at you, and let’s not forgot “500 days of Summer”). A little birdie told me that a very eligible mortgage lender is in the running to meet Patti Stanger herself and get fixed up with a lovely lady on “Millionaire Matchmaker.” Speaking of millions, there is also another rumor floating around that “Million Dollar Listing” is heading to Chicago. Naturally, they wanted to feature me, but I’m way too busy jet-setting around the world to stay in one place for a silly TV show. I did hear that they’re looking at a certain bright-eyed agent at Coldwell Banker to fill one of the slots, but the usual suspects coyly said they couldn’t confirm anything at the present time. 

When you want bigger things, you move to Texas – and it appears that’s exactly what Bill Stegeman did. Another little birdie (they have all the gossip, those birds) told me that the former Baird & Warner Lincoln Park managing broker mysteriously and quietly left Chicago for Austin. He’s been hitting up the 6th Street bars for a while now, and no one has been the wiser! Well, except for the Lincoln Park office, who noticed that their new managing broker, David Bailey, who is the former Baird & Warner Evanston managing broker, didn’t look like Bill at all.

Rebecca Thomson shimmered and sparkled in silver at the Casino Royale fundraiser, while everyone else played it safe in simple black. I applaud Ms. Thomson for making a jeweled splash, and unfortunately didn’t get a chance to ask who she was wearing. Sam Powell must’ve headed home with heavy pockets because she was making a ton of noise. Ginger Downs started off hot, but ended up losing everything but the kitchen sink by the end of the night. 

Joakim Noah bought a house near Diversey and Schubert, though John O’Neill with JFO Group/LG Development commented that Noah was seriously looking at one of his properties in South Lincoln Park for a cool $5 mil. It’s interesting that one of Chicago’s most eligible bachelors settled on a traditional family home with six bedrooms. At least we can assume he won’t be leaving the Bulls high and dry anytime soon?

Here’s who’s getting older: Beth Wexler turned down for what (did I use that right? Isn’t that what the kids are saying now?) on Oct. 11, and Maria Thanasouras partied it up on Oct. 14, as did Ryan Wynia. Kevin Serafin and Christine Breuer toasted their big day on Oct. 17, though maybe not together. If you see Jon Goldman today (Oct. 20), make sure to wish him a happy birthday. Matt Garrison and Emily Sachs Wong are waiting until Oct. 23 to celebrate, while Vanessa Irving Dillingham and all three of her names will wave their birthday flag on Oct. 24. 

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