5 Bad Habits that Every Agent Should Avoid

by Peter Thomas Ricci

Some bad habits seem endemic in real estate, and you’ll want to do your very best to avoid them.

In real estate, there are bad habits and then there are bad habits, the common shortcomings of real estate agents that tend to give the profession a bad name.

Are you guilty of any of the following habits? If so, it’ll be in your best interest to correct them – and pronto!

1. Not Following Through – The client is relying on you to provide them an invaluable service during the homebuying and selling process. What’s worse than not following through on that promise? Whether it’s not sending the kinds of listings that the buyer prefers or fumbling the marketing on a seller’s listing, you better make sure that every box is checked once you secure your client’s business.

2. No Accountability – Should you slip up and not follow through on something, it’s best you own up, admit your mistake and move on. It’s annoying enough when a fast food employee won’t admit to getting your order wrong, but imagine how frustrating it can be for a client contemplating the largest financial transaction of their life! Accountability breeds respect, which is key for any real estate transaction.

3. Inconsistency – Okay, so you were johnny-on-the-spot at the start of the process, and were answering your client’s emails and phone calls before they had time to turn off their iPhone…but now, after three weeks of looking for properties or potential buyers, you’re nowhere to be found. It’s understandable – there are many things that can get in the way of communicating with your client, from other business, to your kid’s soccer games, to that great concert at the Chicago Theater that you bought tickets for three months ago; however, it’s doubtful that the client will sympathize with you, so make sure you’re providing a level of service that you can maintain over the long haul.

4. Not Listening – The client wants to feel valued; after all, they’re the ones providing you with your business! What worse way to show your appreciation, though, than by not listening to their needs and providing contrary information and advice?

5. Over-Promising, Under-Delivering – Finally, set the tone from the start of your relationship with the client, so they’ll know what to expect of you. Do not promise an exceptionally high return on a listing that you likely can’t meet; do not promise immediate response to their correspondence, only to respond hours after the fact; and do not guarantee a marketing platform that you cannot fulfill. Clients will take you at your word when you tell them what you’re capable of – don’t forget that!

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