Top 5 Family-Friendly Chicago Neighborhoods

by Stephanie Sims

Raising a family in the city can be tough, which is why we’ve provided a list of the top five family-friendly neighborhoods in Chicago.

Every major city is, in large part, defined by the areas in which make up its borders. In New York, it’s the five burrows – The Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and Staten Island. In Chicago, it’s the 77 neighborhoods. A little less succinct, but still as important.

People tend to talk about the up-and-coming neighborhoods for buyers, but which of those areas are best for buyers raising families in the city? Apartment Guys of Chicago, a service-oriented apartment finding brokerage, recently compiled data from a wide variety of sources, identifying the number of parks, schools, the area’s crime rating, and a slew of other contributing factors, to determine which Chicago neighborhoods were the most ideal for families. Here is what they found:

Lincoln Square – Historically identified as a German neighborhood, Lincoln Square houses a number of quaint apartment buildings and single-family residences perfect for a small family moving into the city. Out of Chicago’s 77 neighborhoods, Lincoln Square is ranked 71sth in terms of violent crimes, and 57th in terms of property crimes, such as burglary, making it one of the safest spots in the city proper. While more than 35 percent of residence are homeowners, the majority (54 percent) prefer to rent, likely because renting there is so affordable. A two-bedroom apartment in the area typically ranges from $1,400 to $1,800.

Edgewater – When Edgewater was first constructed in the late 1800s, it was built as a summer retreat for Chicago’s elite. While the neighborhood has since lost its distinction as a getaway for the city’s affluent, it maintains its reputation as one of the nicest spots in Chicago. The neighborhood is an amalgam of high-rise apartments and condos, mid-rise homes, flats and single- and multi-family homes, and plays home to a variety of commercial properties. Parking can be a bit tight, but Edgewater more than makes up for it by providing excellent public transportation outlets. As far as crime goes, the neighborhood is very family friendly, ranking 46th in terms of violent crimes, and 68th in terms of property crimes.

Roscoe Village – Roscoe Village is one of the premier, up-and-coming neighborhoods of the city, often being described as having that small town feel with big city amenities. Situated only a short trip away from the lakefront, families love this spot for its respected schools, easy access to transportation and affordable rental rates, which, for a two bedroom, tend to range from $1,350 to $1,700.

Beverly – Beverly is unique in that its a creation of one of the Chicago’s most iconic and devestating mishaps, the Great Chicago Fire. After the conflagration tore up the city’s center, Chicago’s affluent began leaving the confines of downtown to escape the post-disaster congestion. Where did they settle? Beverly. Now, more than a century after the fact, the neighborhood continues to thrive as one of the city’s go-to destinations for the well-educated and upwardly mobile. The neighborhood has Chicago’s third highest median household income, as well as plenty of parks, schools and medical facilities to keep the kids happy and safe.

Hyde Park – Situated only a short distance from the University of Chicago, one of the nation’s (and world’s) best universities, Hyde Park has become a popular spot for students and faculty alike. The presence of such intellectuals has transformed the neighborhood into a haven of museums, fascinating architecture, social activism and successful racial integration. With prime access to transportation, schools and parks, it’s no surprise that local builders are continually erected new homes to satisfy the ever persisting high demand.

See our infograph below to learn more about Chicago’s top five family-friendly neighborhoods.


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  • Sara J McMurray says:

    Yeah. As a buyer’s agent I’m going to recommend that a family look in Edgewater or Hyde Park. NOT. If that’s where they want to be sure, I can and will find them a great place to live, but to recommend either one – can we talk SCHOOLS? Access to Public Transportation? And Edgewater and Hyde Park are safe? hahahaha. On a side note, when did Bucktown become “up and coming”? 10 years ago? 15? Silly silly article. CAM you can do better!

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