Effective Managing Styles: What Works, What Doesn’t

by Nichole Odijk DeMario

Smooth Talking

To keep business running like a well-oiled machine, Hernandez and her management team focus on three key areas: training, tools and support. “We are still improving those components and adding others to continue our success and growth,” she says. 

Piket says his company falls back on their management operations to ensure their offices are functioning efficiently and effectively. “Their job is to get face to face with buyers and sellers. We, as managers, need to facilitate so that they aren’t bogged down in problems and paperwork.”

For Griffith, Grant and Lackie, keeping its list of agents small and selective has been a key to success. Currently, the company has 26 full-time agents. The company provides each agent with their own work space and resources.

“We’ve never been interested in being the biggest; we want to be the best,” Andersen says. “When we look for new agents, we don’t rely on outside prospectors. We both manage; we both sell real estate. We understand what our agents need from us. In fact, a lot of what we do comes from the bottom up, rather than from a position of dictating only our ideas.”

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