Multiple Personalities

by Stephanie Sims


Chicago Agent Managing Editor Stephanie Sims

In the real estate business, you work with all types of personalities. That means that when it comes to running your business, you had better be prepared to understand how to do business with everyone.

It might seem silly or even a bit extreme, but having clients or prospective clients take personality tests, such as a DiSC or Myers-Briggs test, can help you strengthen your relationship with them and be even more successful in terms of the way you do business with them. People with certain personality types, for instance, do not like being talked to in certain ways; it’s best to know how your clients differ from your own personality, and those tests can tell you exactly how you should deal with them. That will leave you with not only a home bought or sold, but a happy experience, as well.

Martin Walsh with @properties in Winnetka, pictured on our cover, has learned that personality types can be determined with certain, typical questions, and not always a questionnaire. He says in our cover story on page 10: “Some people want to know everything about the [nearby] schools, while some people want to know more about the neighborhood, like where the parks are. The latter person is usually much more social, and the former is more concerned. The person looking for the parks and little league, they are usually the life of the party. People that are curious about the schools usually aren’t.”

What are your thoughts about giving clients personality questionnaires? Do you have other methods you utilize when it comes to getting along with clients and meshing with their personality? Leave a comment on our cover story online or email me directly at stephanie@chicago.staging312.com.

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