Why Likability Matters

by Stephanie Sims


According to the Wall Street Journal, likability is becoming a big reason for people’s success at work. A study from the University of Massachusetts found that if an employee is likable and gives a well-organized argument to support a point, managers are more likely to agree and implement his or her suggestions.

So, how can you come off as likable? Focus on these six traits:

Authenticity: Behave in a way that feels natural and genuine to you. If being self-absorbed feels natural to you, though, try to downplay that.

Curiosity: Show interest in other people, ask questions about their interests and make eye contact.

Expressiveness: Show enthusiasm about what you say and vary your tone of voice and smile.

Mimicry: Mirror the expressions of the person you are talking to. This creates a sense of familiarity.

Similarity: Find topics of interest to share instead of talking about something that only interests you.

Listen: When you really listen to what others are saying and show that you are listening carefully, people appreciate and remember that.

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