The Short List: Scott Newman’s Simple Ways to Keep in Touch with Past Clients

by Chicago Agent


Scott Newman is the broker/owner of Newman Realty in Chicago.

Every week, we ask a real estate professional for their Short List, a collection of tips and recommendations on an essential topic in real estate. This week, we talked with Scott Newman, the broker/owner of Newman Realty in Chicago, who shared his simple ways to keep in touch with past clients.

Every Realtor has experienced it – slow times, off-months, slow streaks…call them what you want, but they can be confidence and momentum killers, and that can spell disaster for your business plan. So how do you avoid the roller coaster of income fluctuations that is so typical in our business? By thinking outside the box and getting creative to come up with unique and effective ways to get your face out there to generate a more consistent flow of business – and stay in front of past clients.

3. Host a quarterly networking event. Partner with a local bar or restaurant, bring in sponsors to cover the bulk of the costs and invite a wonderful mix of local prospects, business connections and past clients. Everyone has a few drinks and a bite to eat, and it’s a great way to really stay top of mind when it comes time for people to recommend your services.

2. Hook up with a local business (a wine shop or specialty food store is a great start) and ask them if they’d be interested in hosting a tasting for you and your network. Most owners will jump at the opportunity to be introduced to a whole new network of potential customers in such an intimate setting, and they will often be happy to cover most, if not all, of the costs.

Such an event will showcase your local knowledge, while promoting small business and helping you meet new clients all at the same time. Imagine the wonderful press you’ll receive when neighbors see your flyer promoting the wonderful businesses that make their neighborhood great! Imagine how favorably they’ll view you when they remember you, as the Realtor who fed them the amazing local food or wine they can’t stop talking about with their friends?

1. Consumers are just plain old sick of receiving real estate information overload; it’s everywhere they look. Of course, it’s important to demonstrate your expertise, but at the end of the day, buyers and sellers have to like you first before they’ll even be open to your message; and getting a chance to showcase your love of your business and your community in a fun, social setting is a great way to get that opportunity.

Scott Newman is the broker/owner of Newman Realty in Chicago. After entering the business fresh out of college in 2004, Scott started his career with Coldwell Banker in the northwest suburbs, where he worked for four years and trained with Frank DeNovi, one of the U.S.’ top REO agents. Then, in 2009, Scott started Newman Realty, and in the ensuing years, business has at least doubled every year, and the firm now consists of 12 sales agents and three staff members.

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