Tech Review: Bomb Bomb Video Email

by Matt Dollinger


What is It?

Bomb Bomb breaks the mold for real estate email providers by integrating video into your email campaigns and correspondence. Its beautiful backend UI is straightforward and intelligently laid out in a manner that will have you up and creating your first video message in minutes, while still providing advanced features such as list segmentation, form creation, drip campaigns and Zapier integration to Gmail for the power user.

How it Works

Bomb Bomb’s feature list essentially breaks down into four major categories:

1. Contacts Lists – Uploading existing contacts to the system is a breeze by either utilizing their bulk upload feature, or copying and pasting for those less tech savvy. Users can also create segmented “target lists” of contacts to target with different messages, which is missing from many other email programs. This segmentation feature proves important when utilizing their drip campaign feature, which is discussed later in this article.

2. Email Creation – Creating an email with Bomb Bomb is very straightforward and wrapped in an intelligent and beautiful user interface. The dashboard provides the user with a record of emails sent, easy duplication of campaigns and simple tracking metrics. Users select a provided template (custom templates are available for an additional charge), enter their email headline/text and then click on the “insert video” icon.

This gives the user ability to a) Upload a previously created video, b) Insert a video from YouTube or c) Record directly from your webcam. Upload is quick and renders your video into various formats to ensure deliverability across both desktop and mobile. (Note: Users can create non-video emails just as easy using the Bomb Bomb system.)

3. Drips – Drip campaigns can be easily built from any of your created emails using the Bomb Bomb system. These campaigns stagger delivery of subsequent emails using time delays including minutes, hours, days and months. Best of all, drip campaigns can be programmed to specifically target your contact lists as discussed in the first paragraph.

For example: A user could create a contact list labeled “New Plrospects,” assign a drip campaign to this list and create custom delivery rules. Immediately after a contact is created, “Welcome Email” is delivered, “Follow Up” email is delivered two days later and “Touching Base” email is scheduled for 3 days after that.

4. Forms – An unexpected treat within the platform is the form creation feature, which allows the user to create customizable contact forms with a couple of clicks. These forms can be programmed to a) Add individuals to a particular list, b) Trigger an email drip campaign or c) All of the above. Each form created provides a short snippet of HTML code that can be added to any website or blog, as well as a URL link to a hosted online version of that form.

The Good:

Bomb Bomb has done an excellent job of creating a simple, effective and functional way to integrate video into your marketing campaigns. The addition of lists, drip campaigns and their form builder only adds to an already awesome program, and their encoding process allows for emails to actually be played within email programs such as Gmail, Outlook and mobile devices.

The Bad:

The only negative in the Bomb Bomb system is that there’s no simple or turnkey way (yet) to add contacts to a list from your email account or syndication sites. I would love to see an “email to” feature that would allow me to send contacts via email and auto-assign them to lists. However, they have done some great integration with tools such as Top Producer, Contactually and Zapier, which can help automate that.

The Bottom Line:

More and more statistics shows that consumers engage with video higher than any other form of digital marketing. Bomb Bomb provides an easy and cost effective way to differentiate yourself using this medium, and has excellent usability within the real estate industry. From anniversary check-ins with past clients to online lead and open house follow up, Bomb Bomb should be on your list to evaluate for 2014.

Tech Specs:

  • iOS- and Android-compatible; Web-based so works with any system
  • To purchase: https://bombbomb.com.

Pricing: Dependent on total number of contacts

  • 500 contacts: $33/mo.
  • 2500 contacts: $48/mo.
  • 5000 contacts: $90/mo.
  • 10,000 contacts: $129/mo.
  • 25,000 contacts: $259/mo.

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