5 Ways To Keep Your Clients

by Doug Pitorak

A communications plan is essential so that you can always be there for the right client at the right time. If you’re a top producer, communicating with all your clients can get hectic. Take note of these five tips to ensure that your clients – and your business – aren’t getting put on the backburner.

1. Pay attention to the little things

If you slack when it comes to little things such as responding to client calls or emails or committing to a scheduled appointment, then clients could be inclined to take their business elsewhere. In today’s smartphone- and social media-absorbed world, people are accustomed to getting the information they want instantaneously. Constant communication, especially during a transaction, is critical. Overwhelmed and struggling to multitask? Look into a much-needed CRM or hire an assistant.

2. Be innovative

Before the Digital Age, when smartphones and email weren’t components of real estate (or life), people were still able to buy and sell properties. With the advent of the Internet and development of technology, some people saw a way to make the process more efficient. Agents aren’t expected to create a new, ultra-cool app for their clients, but they should always be thinking of ways to improve their business tactics, such as creating an improved and more impressive way to show a listing presentation on tablets.

3. Honestly, just be honest

If clients come to you with must-haves that clash with the given budget or want to sell their home for a price you know it won’t sell for, then it’s best to tell them so. It’s better to confront these issues before a property is found for buyers or listed for sellers than in the middle of negotiations.

4. Don’t dump irritating clients

For a variety of reasons, some clients can be extremely frustrating to deal with. Be patient. Work with them like they’re your favorite clients — as you should with all your clients. Your hard work shouldn’t go unnoticed, and a referral from these clients only benefits your business. However, if a client won’t listen to a word of advice you give and is continually disagreeing with your expertise, then perhaps it’s best to move on.

5. Don’t be vague with updates

If clients ask for updates, be specific. Simply saying everything is going as planned won’t sound as good when the process unexpectedly halts. If you are unable to get a hold of the loan officer, the other agent or anyone else who is holding you up in having information, let your clients know!

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