Vote NOW For The Agents’ Choice Awards!

by Chicago Agent

Who do you think has the best brokerage website? Managing broker of the year? Who is the most stylish agent you know who should win our Best Dressed category?

Tell us below! Vote as many times as you want from now until October 11. The winner will be determined by whoever gets the most votes in each category, so tell your friends and colleagues to vote, too!

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  • Sugra Hasanof says:

    Key Mortgage Services consistently thinks of the customer and always keeps the customer’s best interest in mind to ensure a great closing experience.

  • Tricia Rieth says:

    The staff at Key Mortgage Services does does an excellent job and generally closes loans in 30-40 days for purchasing a new home or refinancing your current home. If you want a lender you can trust, call us.

  • Lewis Jones says:

    Julie Naumiak has been in real estate for 30 years with the same brokerage (Baird & Warner). She’s had more than one third of a billion dollars in transactions!

  • Wendy Kiang says:

    Baird & Warner has a great website with great graphics, and easy to use according to my people. Key mortgage is owned by Baird & warner, and the mortgage persons there do great jobs.

  • Diane Burke says:

    Baird & Warner has a wonderful Website that is very user friendly & great graphics.
    The Loan Officers with Key Mortgage are experienced, & very professional.

  • Regina Washington says:

    Baird & Warner has once again lived up to it’s outstanding reputation of being the best at keeping up-to-date with the latest market and technology trends.

  • James Rybowiak says:


  • Alberta Slapak says:

    A clearly witten and informative site.

  • Derick Creasy says:

    For ALL YOU DO, this VOTE is for you!

  • Jim G says:

    Wells Fargo always seems to be able to accommodate my clients, even the clients that other lenders have a hard time with. Kudos to you!

  • Ryan Bauroth says:

    Flagstar Bank has an amazing product suite that offers lending options that are meeting borrowers needs and getting them into the homes they deserve. Flagstar is responsible for giving Realtors more options for their clients and ultimately gives the Real Estate community more options to sell more homes!

  • Darlene Thomas says:

    Amy Nelson, is well dressed, very professional and for being an agent for a little over 14 years, really knows her stuff.

    Brian Benton is excellent, if Amy has clients that can’t obtain a loan Brian works his magic and gets the job done.

  • Ed Figlewicz says:

    Winnetka’s the best!

  • Dale Maher says:

    Leo Clark has created the best internet exposure in Chicago for Gold Coast Realty.

  • Peg O'Halloran says:

    Great job!

  • Keirston says:

    Gold Coast Reality Chicago is such a great company and has a very user friendly website. I would recommend this company to anyone!!

  • Tracy says:

    Fifth Third Bank has been a great lender to many of my clients. BTW – those posting notes about Key Mortgage are employees of the firm – that seems wholly unfair! This is about “agents choice” – not a forum for employees to try and sway opinion. That speaks volumes about Key Mortgage’s moral compass. Shame, shame, shame on Key!

  • Sherry Diamond says:

    Glattley Group is the best!

  • cheri sehring says:

    amy nelson, (and her team), with keller williams, are the real deal when it comes to honesty and hard work in todays marketplace!

  • Susan A Hagan says:

    Awesome Broker Manager. All around great guy who is always willing to help.

  • Karla mina says:

    Joe is responsive and truly cares about his office and his agents. More importantly he is always very supportive and truly cares about promoting, enhancing and developing successful real estate businesses.

  • Paul Thompson says:

    Why do I have to leave a comment. What am I suppose to comment on? this is a seriously flawed system you are using.

  • Diane Vargas says:

    Joseph Siciliano of Coldwell Banker Lakeview is the best Managing Broker. Incredibly responsive and sensitive to his teams needs. Joe always makes himself available and creates a welcoming and professional environment. Your success is his success. A great mentor and leader in the industry!

  • Jennifer says:

    I agree with Paul’s comment. This is seriously flawed. The first couple of comments re Key Mortgage are OBVIOUS “commercials” / advertising and not realtor feedback. WTH?

  • nancy kolwaski says:

    Fifth Third Bank!

  • Sam Perez says:

    Akos and his team are true experts in their field. They provide our customers the attention and customer service they deserve which along with their expertise provide solid results every time. Thanks SMG.

  • Jerome Bressert says:

    EXIT Strategy Realty at 2235 W North Ave is a great place to work. I joined them 4 months ago and had nothing but great things happen since I have been here. Very professional and at the same time they make it fun to go to work. What makes EXIT Realty work is the income you can make from inviting others to join.

  • Michelle Quan says:

    Trying to vote for Best City Managing Broker Joe Siciliano lakeview/Halsted Offices Coldwell Banker. Trying to find link to vote….

  • Gus Valdovinos says:

    Excellent Job!! Thanks!!

  • David Sanchez says:

    Love Fifth Third!!

  • Sara McMurray says:

    I am an agent at EXIT Strategy Realty at 2235 W North Ave. LOVE working for EXIT Strategy and managing broker Nick Libert. We have so many tools at our disposal and our annual costs are so low – I don’t know why every agent in the City isn’t joining Exit. But I’m glad they (you) aren’t because our small size makes our office so fun!

  • Chris Ford says:

    Joe goes out of his way to help agents be successful and is a great person to work with whether you a CB agent or not.

  • Thomas says:

    Thanks so for all you do.

  • Pam Brewer says:

    Happy to give my vote to 5/3 Bank – my clients always receive best service from Ernie Losch!!

  • Ruth Johnson says:

    Joe is a great managing broker and simply a good guy. A fantastic golfer as well.

  • Christina Miller says:

    Joe Siliciano as best Managing Broker at Coldwell Banker Residential Properties, 1457 W. Belmont, Chicago IL 60657

  • Josie Inlow says:

    Amy Nelson is professional, helpful, always well dressed, but most importantly I finally found an agent I can trust and knows the business well.

  • al velasco says:

    outstanding people!!

  • Jerry Altshuler says:

    No Comment

  • Diane Fernandez says:

    I have had truly exceptional experiences with the Fifth Third Team. They deserve this honor and I am happy to vote for them! Thanks!

  • Mary Harrington says:

    Joe is doing a great job hiring new agents to bring new energy into the Halsted and Lakeview offices. He puts a lot of effort into being there for the agents and keeping them updated on important issues

  • Diana Harris says:

    I’m happily voting for Fifth Third Bank and Andrew Hayes! 🙂

  • Stacey Grossman says:

    Joe Siciliano is a role model for every brokerage manager. He is hands on, involved, cares, listens and acts! Coldwell Banker Halsted and Lakeview are lucky to have him!!

  • Stacey Grossman says:

    Brian Salomon at Guaranteed Rate is the best! He is totally on top go his game, great with communication and follow up and gets the job done without worries! I would recommend him to anyone and everyone looking for a mortgage.

  • Mary VanHouten says:

    Mark Johnson at Charter One can put a deal together like noone else!

  • Phyllis Meyer Erickson says:

    I vote for Fifth Third Bank.

  • Joyce Zelazik says:

    Debbie is a constant source of encouragement and motivation to us. She cares about each of us as individuals and is never more than a phone call, e mail or text message away for solid advice. I can not imagine being in any other office where the message from the top down is to be there for each other, the way I think we are.

  • TIA BANKS says:


  • Tamirah Terry says:

    5/3 Bank is my pic. We have Core values for integrity, teamwork and & collaboration respect, and inclusion and accountability. WE always strive to create a great customer service experience for our customers.

  • Corrinne Morris says:

    I hope that this year there is a good representation of winners by merit rather than just a bunch of people that their offices filled ballots with.

  • janine sullivan says:

    Fifth Third Mortgage helped us with our under water property and at the best pricing.

  • Daniel A. Mooney says:

    Don’t know any rookies

  • Izabela says:

    Fifth Third Bank’s Robert Curtis’ communication and service level is outstanding.

  • Mary Reyes says:

    Love, love, love Fifth Third Bank! Great people! Very community minded!

  • Buddy Haffner says:

    Akos Straub is Far Above the rest

  • Deepak Kikeri says:

    Ron Haddad from Key Mortgage is THE BEST there is!!

  • Neida Hernandez-Santamaria says:

    Key Mortgage Services, especially Bernard Dugandzic are extraordinary in their professional efforts to connect clients to the best loan options and value. Their willingness to educate and work long term with clients should be commended. -Honest and prudent business practices- Keep up the good work.

  • N. B. W. Wiessmann says:

    N.B. Wiessmann

    Jim Martin ,At Baird @Warner Downers Grove .Ill
    The Best Broker to have 100% Satisfied with his service.
    will use him again

    Julie Mara, At Baird @ Warner Downers Grove Il
    I was 100% satisfied for the best buying experience . I will use her again.

  • Gary Stevens says:

    I have been a broker for 33 years and Baird & Warner is by far the best broker that I have worked for. I have used Key Mortgage 3 times and always got great service, communication and rates.

  • Mary Goudie says:

    Ask for Ben Milam at key mortgage! He is a great guy to do business with!

  • Michelle says:

    Key Mortgage Services gets the deal closed in record breaking time. Dan and his team followed up with me throughout the whole process, assisting me with any questions or concerns. It’s a pleasure to work with people who know the meaning of efficiency. Simply the best!

  • Dan Weishar says:

    Fifth Third Bank is undoubtedly the Lender of the Year. As the Executive Director of the non-profit organization, The Andrew Weishar Foundation (www.weish4ever.org), I can speak for a community of thousands who have felt the impact of Fifth Third Bank’s generosity. There is no question that this organization deserves the “Lender of the Year” Award. Fifth Third Bank is the driving force behind our success, and we cannot thank them enough for everything they have, and continue to do, for our cause.

  • Ted Delicath says:

    Andrew Weishar thanks you

  • T. Jackson says:

    All In One Realty Company has showed up and showed out. It is going to be going virtual soon and I can’t wait! It took a lot of help from experts and the company has loan officers, attorney, rehabbers, investors, and more. I’m proud to be teaming up with them for future projects! #VirtualOfficeManager CEO/CFO
    ‘Truly the best value and bang for your buck.’

  • Jerked Around says:

    The fact that I received this list link to vote & am not an industry professional proves how careless Key Mortgage continues to be.

  • Dave Caulton says:

    Mary did a great job helping us sell and purchase our home. Quick turnaround, excellent support at every step of the process

  • Fawn Roche says:

    Fifth Third offers so many products and a great customer experience

  • Becky says:

    Fifth Third Bank is the Best bank Loan officer Debra Bostjancic is the best.

  • becky says:


  • becky willimas says:


  • Marla Martin says:

    Alicia and Lisa at Key Bank were a true dynamic duo in helping me navigate through my mortgage process. Thanks ladies!

  • Cecil Given says:


  • Karen Scott says:

    Tricia Reith of Key Mortgage is a rare find in the mortgage industry.
    I’m so glad I found her. I’m going to refer her to anyone I know looking for mortgage financing.

  • Bob says:

    Bunnies are awesome and make the best agents!!!

  • Charles says:

    I would say Cats make better agents!!!

  • Bob says:

    Charles you are so ignorant. Cats are loners and poo in boxes. Bunnies have bigger ears and eyes on the sides of their heads, so they can find houses better. And, well, I guess some bunnies poo in boxes too, but that is beside the point.

  • Steve LaFalce says:

    Fifth Third Bank focuses on the client’s needs and offers very impressive customer service. You can save a lot of money with reduced closing costs when you bank there too!

  • Christopher Nagy says:

    Gold Coast Realty easily has the #1 Best MLS Search site in Chicago! Easy to Navigate and is visited everyday by clients from all over the World. This website was in extreme development for over a year to be at the top. It is still being tweaked and getting better day by day, couldn’t ask for more! It certainly helps me with my clients, so I know exactly what they’re looking for.

    Leo Clark is an amazing Managing Broker, he will do anything to help his agents. He is very good at building moral, applauding work well done, building esteem and rewarding his agents with all the hard work they’ve done! Views from the John Hancock make it really nice too! 😉

    Dan Delaney from Dwell Chicago has Impeccable good taste, I wish I was as stylish as he!

  • Rich Wickersty says:

    Craig Thurston was very trustworthy, professional, resourceful, patient, and diligent in guiding me through the mortgage process. Craig and Key Mortgage deserve the best lender award again.

  • Bob Oshefsky says:

    Fifth Third Bank is the lender of the year.

  • charlie says:

    I vote for Fifth Third Bank…..helped me with my mortgage when I thought i didn’t qualify for harp! Thanks!

  • Toya Campbell says:

    Fifth Third Bank is the best lender and has the best customer service!! GO FIFTH THIRD

  • Scott Jordan says:

    Leo Clark’s website epitomizes best practices for user engagement, ease of use, and overall aesthetics. I would highly recommend working with the Gold Coast Realty team.

  • Kat Becker says:

    Matt Brua of Fairway Independent Mortgage is without a doubt the best mortgage broker we have ever worked with in 30 years. He keeps us in the loop at all times, lets us know he has wired the funds to the title company 24-48 hours of closing and has never dropped the ball. Even the seller’s attorneys brag about him at our closings. He has wowed our long time attorney, the closers at title companies and best of all EVERY single buyer we refer him to.

  • Synthia noble says:

    RE/MAX website is great. Illinoisproperty.com.

  • Stephen Weishar says:

    Lender of the Year: Fifth Third Bank. An extrodinary service to the community. One example, their support of families managing the nightmare of a child diagnosed with a deadly disease. Fifth Third Bank steps up for the Andrew Weishar Foundation, helping area families!

  • Julie says:

    Fifth Third Bank Mortgage

  • Rita Liberatore says:

    Shannon Dames at 25 (licensed for just over 1 year) has already made an outstanding name for herself in our Industry. At such a young age, she receives respect from peers twice her age, is requested watch their business while on vacation & they look to her for advice. A graduate of St. Marys Notre Dame Shannon worked in the corporate world for Ipsos (Chicago) & Walt Disney World during her summer breaks-we just say she was a good friend of Beauty/Belle, at the Parks! Shannon has quickly caught on to many phases of our business including short sales/new construction/foreclosures etc.,With the average agent being in their 50’s & our average buyer in their late 30’s our world needs more agents like Shannon, dedicated to continue our earned legacy as Real Estate Professionals! Shannon’s volume this year already placed her in the Re/Max Elite top 1% club!

  • Don Weishar says:

    Fifth Third Bank deserves to be the Lender of the year as they provide an outstanding banking experience and truly live community service values. Fifth Third was proactive and instrumental in helping our charity become a reality and a success. Now many adolescents with Cancer will have a happier quality of life because of thier help. Don Weishar Board memeber of the Andrew Weishar Foundation

  • Crystal says:

    Tricia reith is outstanding not only did I find myself a phenomenal loan advisor but also a friend for life.

  • Joe says:

    I have financed and refinanced my mortgages with Dan Cowart of Key Mortgage located at Baird & Warner in Geneva. The honesty, integrity, fast and accurate processing of my loans has repeatedly earned my business for more than 15 years. If all complex transactions were done with brokers like Dan from Key Mortgage, customers would be a lot more comfortable and confident.

    I am a satisfied customer of Key Mortgage and will use them for my future home purchases and refinancing needs.

  • Doug Weishar says:

    Fifth Third Bank was an incredible sponsorship partner with the Andrew Weishar Foundations first annual WeishFest. Thanks to Fifth Third Bank’s support, the event was a huge success and will allow the foundation to continue providing financial support to families with children inflicted by cancer.

  • Parker Carroll says:

    Fifth Third Bank has brought the Andrew Weishar Foundation to an incredible profit level in its first year of existence. I am sure their support will encourage others to participate while continuing to help support families suffering from the burdens of cancer. Incredible company with exceptional generosity.

  • Angela Mehalek says:

    Fifth Third Bank is unquestionably a leader not only as a lending company, but also in charitable contributions and community outreach. As a Board Member for The Andrew Weishar Foundation, we witnessed Fifth Third Bank’s tremendous generosity and care for the community first hand. Our first annual WeishFest wa a huge success in large part due to Fifth Third’s sponsorship of the event. Monies raisded at the event will in part benefit other families with a child facing a cancer diagnosis. Andrew’s dying wish was that his family pay forward the kindness and generosity shown his family throughout his battle. Fifth Third Bank helped to make Andre’s wish a reality.

  • jackie dougherty says:

    the Kay Team…Prudential Rubloff…Brother and Sister Team ..super service in all areas and upper bracket properties…

  • jackie dougherty says:

    The Kay Team , Prudential Rubloff, , this brother and sister team has a remarkable history in the Chicago Area,having grown up around the hotel business and eventually residing on a golf course and participating in sports such as golf and skiing…..lots of great experiences.

  • Alexis Blum says:

    Brittany is a rockstar and hit the ground running during her first year in real estate!

  • stephanie says:

    Brittany is the best new agent in Chicago. Great personality and will work around the clock to get what we need done…

  • Phyllis Adcock says:

    Team Slapak has my vote!

  • Sue says:

    5 stars!

  • Mary Jean Moen says:


  • Marty Garrity says:

    Tony Lupescu, Mortgage Loan Originator at Fifth Third, has best in class communication with borrowers and realtors.

  • Linda Carrasco,CPM/Broker says:

    Dennis White, managing broker is a great owner and nurtures his business each and every day. He has taken over a business that was not prospering and has turned it into a unique working environment and profitable entity that it once was. He goes the extra mile for each person who works there, and we all prosper because of it!

  • Evan Klee says:

    Realtors and clients seek out Diane Falk, MLO at Fifth Third, because of her exceptional customer service, thoroughness, aptitude and passion for the business.

  • Eric Hendrickson says:

    Fifth Third Bank and Dave Hilger are the best.

  • Camille says:

    Guaranteed Rate is the best mortgage company in the business!

  • Camille says:

    Guaranteed Rate’s customer service is superb! They have such dedicated and hardworking teams.

  • Coleen Bogle says:

    The online application process at Guaranteed Rate is incredible, providing instant approval in minutes!

  • Greg Ellis says:

    My wife and I know several people at Guaranteed Rate and can attest to their work ethic and performance.

  • Rose Pilny says:

    There’s no better agent in Shorewood than Shannon Dames!

  • Carly says:

    GR is great!

  • Carly says:

    I love GR!

  • Carly says:

    Realtors love GR

  • Neal Johnson says:


  • John Hoffman says:

    GR is the best.

  • Alex Tyton says:

    Guaranteed Rate has been a top of the line mortgage company since starting in 2000 and its revolutionary online app and pod structure is ahead of the game

  • Jessica M. says:

    Guaranteed rate has an exceptional online application and instant pre-approval letter! Combined with 24/7 status updates and pleasant staff, they truly are Lender of The Year!

  • Carly says:

    It’s a great place to work!

  • Carly says:

    The customer comes first!

  • valerie says:

    Guaranteed Rate has the best online technology used . All realtors should be demanding partner Exchange!!!!

  • Margaret O'Harren says:

    Guarantee Rate is HORRIBLE!!!!!! I will never refer my clients to them again after they mismanaged three mortgages — three!!!

  • Corinne Delzer says:

    Fifth Third Bank does a wonderful job with getting even the most complicated of loans approved and finalized in a timely manner. Their customer service is amazing!

    Bill Kekatos dresses professionally and with style everyday. He must have enough stylish ties to last him a year without repeating!

  • Cindy Wimberly says:

    The best company ever!

  • Cookie Delfino says:

    I think Ray Nicolas is a sharp dresser and an intelligent agent.

  • Carly says:

    I love Guaranteed Rate and their customer service!

  • Luis Segura says:

    Reflective of his professionalism in Real Estate – Frank Denovi of Coldwell Banker is the best dressed broker I know!

  • Fifth Third Bank says:

    Fifth Third Bank

  • Jeff Burke says:

    Ron Haddad at Key Mortgage has been a terrific to work with. Great lender and terrific loan officer!

  • Tia Banks says:

    Fifth Third Bank (Mortgage) reaches out to the community via Northstar and other Diversity groups of the Bank realizing the need to “GIVE BACK” to the Community

  • doug wirebaugh says:


  • Ruth says:

    CB’s online web site is a great marketing asset for our sellers. The number of hits & exposure are fantastic.

  • Jeff Becker says:

    Guaranteed Rate all the way for lender of the year!!!

  • Ruby Rodriguez says:

    Simply the best

  • Amber says:

    Guaranteed Rate has great customer service has a quick and seemless process.

  • Bob says:

    Guaranteed Rate is great.

  • Sarah A. Ritter says:

    “Best Dressed Agent”????? You’re kidding, I hope. Is this really what you editors think real estate is about! Try “Most Trusted”, “Most Knowledgeable”, “Most Tech Savvy”, etc. “Best Dressed”? How shallow.

  • Manuel Brown RE/MAX Edge says:

    The team of Guaranteed Rate is simply great. The internal customer service they give each other, along with the customer service to my buyers and to me is simply excellent!

  • Jerry says:

    Creative, informative, user friendly web site, inspires confidence in knowledge and ability of sales team

  • Angela M. Hartzol says:

    Angela M. Hartzol – Best Dressed
    Koenig and Strey Real Living on Clybourne

  • j dougherty says:

    the Kaye Team..fascinating background comitted to service and knowledge…..

  • Carla Walker says:

    Prudential Rubloff was a pioneer when it comes to technology. They were the first site I know of that a consumer could look up both current listings and past sales on properties, without having to use an agent. Their site was easy to use and did not require someone to sign up. Consumers really liked that!

  • Mark Davey says:

    Best site for lofts!

  • Jane says:

    Gold Coast Realty has a wonderful website. Appealing to the eye and very user friendly.

  • Missy Thomas says:

    GRI is quick and efficient in the mortgage industry.

  • deborah campbell says:

    Guaranteed Rate is head and shoulders above the rest in customer service, competitive loan programs and a user friendly website.

  • Guaranteed Rate says:

    Stream line process.High tech service.

  • Jennifer Lanzarotta says:

    Rookie of the year … Shannon Dames

  • Jennifer Lanzarotta says:

    Shannon Dames Rookie of the year

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