9 Ways that Kids Affect Their Parents’ Home Search

by Peter Thomas Ricci

There are many factors that consumers consider when searching for homes, and a new Trulia survey shows the impact that kids have on homebuying decisions.


Homebuyers have many factors to consider when searching for a home. From the area’s amenities, to its proximity to work, to the crime rates of the area, there are quite a few things homebuyers must gauge.

What happens, though, when kids are thrown into the fray? What influence do they hold over those aforementioned factors? Are some factors more influenced than others?

Trulia put that question to more than 2,000 U.S. adults in a recent survey with Harris Interactive, which asked respondents to not only list their most important factors when home searching, but also, how the presence of children would impact those decisions.

What did Trulia find? Check out our cool infographic below to find out.

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