The 7 Things That Worry Buyers Most about the Buying/Selling Process

by Peter Thomas Ricci

In the last year, we’ve entered a new world order in real estate, and homebuyers are facing a number of concerns as a result.


It’s a new world out there in the U.S. real estate market. Gone are the days of high supply, historically low rates and seller concessions; how, homebuyers are grappling with tight supplies, rising rates and bidding wars for the few remaining properties on the market.

That about-face to the housing market has created a much different environment for today’s consumers, and with that change, consumers have begun worrying about various aspects of the buying and selling process.

What do they worry the most about, though? A new survey conducted by Trulia and Harris Interactive, which sampled more than 2,000 U.S. adults at the end of June, provides an interesting window into the housing market psyche. Take a look at our infographic below for a greater perspective on what issues are worrying your prospective clients the most.

Also, stay tuned for our follow-up story later this week, which will look at the second part of the Trulia/Harris Interactive survey – what homebuyers would resort to in order to buy that dream house.

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  • Mickey Booz says:

    JJ so true…..this is why it pays to keep tabs on the market and hire a knowledgeable experienced Realtor to provide buyers with trends and info on current market activity…..and have a great lender like yourself of course!

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