6 Key Signs That You Desperately Need a Real Estate CRM

by Matthew Collis


Many agents swear by their real estate contact relationship management system (or CRM for short), while others simply don’t realize the tremendous business-building benefits a real estate CRM can bring to their business. In this article, I’m going to outline six key signs that indicate you desperately need a CRM:

1. Your contact data is all over the place. You don’t have one consolidated database that houses all of your client, prospect, personal and business-to-business contact information. You may have some phone numbers and email addresses in Outlook or Gmail, some in your smartphone and others written down on paper. If this is you, you know that staying 100 percent organized and in control of your business is anything but easy.

2. It’s not easy to find the information you need, when you need it. And when you do find the information, it’s incomplete, inaccurate or conflicting.

3. You haven’t been completely reliable when it comes to staying on top of appointments and commitments. You also often feel out of control and “behind the eight-ball.”

4. You forget critical information a client or prospect has shared with you. This causes embarrassment because you know that they’ve entrusted you with this valuable info and that remembering it is an important part of building a relationship with them.

5. You hesitate to call contacts because you don’t know what to talk about/how to begin the conversation. You know you should be calling your real estate leads and checking in with past clients, but it’s uncomfortable picking up the phone and giving them a call.

6. You’re missing out on valuable business opportunities because you don’t have the time/don’t know how to keep in touch. If you have real estate leads falling from the wayside and you’re not getting the amount of repeat business and referrals from past clients that you should, you need a real estate CRM.

Now, let’s flip it all around. Wouldn’t it be nice to recall the exact details of your last conversation with a prospect and impress them with your professionalism? Have a phone number or email address at your fingertips? Feel completely comfortable calling clients and prospects because you know you have something relevant to speak to them about (thanks to your CRM’s communication history)? Wouldn’t it be nice to have past clients calling you and referring you because you’ve kept in touch well, stayed top of mind and continued to build the relationship long after the initial transaction with them was finalized?

If you commit to practicing effective contact management, these things will happen for you. And a CRM is the tool that will help you do this.

The National Association of Realtors found that 85 percent of recent sellers would definitely or probably use their real estate agent again or recommend them to others. If you’re not exuding professionalism, staying organized and keeping in touch properly, over time, you’ll miss out on valuable referrals and repeat business. You worked hard getting the client in the first place; you need to ensure you don’t lose them.

If you can relate to any of the six signs I’ve mentioned above, you should get on board with a real estate CRM. There are ones out there that are easy to learn and use, even for the non tech-savvy agent. Give one a try, commit to using it and become a more effective Realtor.

Matthew CollisMatthew Collis is part of the Sales and Marketing Team at IXACT Contact Solutions Inc., a leading North American real estate CRM firm. In addition to overseeing many of IXACT Contact’s key sales and marketing programs, Collis works with REALTORS to help them achieve their goals through effective contact management and relationship marketing. IXACT Contact is a Web-based real estate contact management and marketing system designed to help Realtors get more referrals and manage the transaction side of their business.

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