Make Your Agents Excel

by Stephanie Sims and Megan Oster

Get The Most From Your Agents

Let’s say some of your agents need to be constantly checked on to verify that you care about them and what they do for the company. Some of your other agents only want to come to you when they have a specific problem or issue they need your help in solving. You don’t use one style of management on all your agents – management isn’t one size fits all – rather, you adapt your style to fit each agent. That’s not to say that agents who think they’re fine on their own will be fine on their own – structure is needed, and you’re the boss. But to get the most from your agents, you need to be in tune with what they need from you. For example, for the past 20 years, Goro relies on “Personality Plus,” by Florence Littauer, which is written specifically for real estate.

“Each agent responds differently to certain managerial styles depending on their personality,” Goro says. “It is beneficial for each managing broker to understand their agents’ personalities, as well as their own personality. If you do not realize your own personality, you may come across as off-putting to certain agents due to personality differences.”

RE/MAX Properties Broker/Owner Marilyn Kroc doesn’t give agents a personality test, but she does get to know them so that she can adapt her management style as necessary. Similar to Schumacher and her systems, Kroc creates different environments, so to speak, with each of her agents.

“It is extremely important for managing brokers to realize that agents are licensed, independent contractors; they are not employees,” Kroc says. “They have gone into this career so that they can be in business for themselves. They want to choose their own schedule, determine what level of money they would like to make, etc. In order to help your agents with this, you need to create an environment that ultimately helps each agent meet their individual goals.”

Therefore, Kroc makes sure to get to know each agent to figure out how the individual works. Just as consumers today are a mixture of Baby Boomers and Millennials, where some prefer to be called daily and checked upon and others are fine with a text update twice a week, agents who are not as detail-oriented might need some checking up upon, and some extra help.

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  • Rick Davidson, CEO Century 21 Real Estate, LLC says:

    Such a terrific example of a top notch real estate professional! We are so proud (and lucky) to have Roseann representing Century 21!

  • Vera Perner says:

    Chuck, thank you so much for your great coaching! You are wonderful support, and great mentor. You are absolutely right – you show the path to win, to resolve complicated situation, and it teaches a lot! Thank you for being GREAT managing broker!

  • Laurie Popp says:

    Roseann and her agents are phenomenal real estate professionals! Thanks for sharing.

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