Coldwell Banker Previews Program Introduces New Certification Course

by Natalie Terchek


Coldwell Banker Previews International is providing a local Previews Property Specialist Certification Course to help agents understand the luxury market.

Coldwell Banker Previews International, the luxury division of Coldwell Banker, is providing a local Previews Property Specialist Certification Course. Craig Hogan and Ronna Streiff designed the course to help agents provide knowledge, insight and marketing plans tailored for the luxury home market to their clients.

“There is real value in learning how to properly present and market a luxury listing,” Streiff, co-writer of the course, said. “Coldwell Banker Previews International strives to provide agents with necessary education, tools and opportunities that will in turn create a 5-star luxury experience for their customers.”

Hogan mentioned that this is not a new designation, but the course has been “re-vamped” to include more statistics and facts about the local market. “We just wanted to make something already good a little better,” Hogan said. “What’s good for the nation is great, but it’s also important to consider what’s local.”

The Previews course will help realtors understand the luxury buyer by learning about their social media habits, point-of-views on the market, their values and what they expect from realtors. The definition of “luxury” has changed throughout the years, so it will be helpful to understand what it means now.

“A lot of million dollar properties aren’t considered ‘luxury’ anymore,” Hogan said. “Standards have changed.”

The course will provide realtors with a detailed understanding of today’s luxury home, such as the architecture. “Does your client know more about the style [of the home you’re looking at] than you do?” Hogan asked. “You need to be comfortable enough to have a conversation about it.”

Completion of the certification course entitles agents to exclusive membership benefits, such as marketing materials, advertising opportunities and access to special events, in addition to the designation as a Previews Property Specialist. But more importantly, it will help you understand your clients, making it a much smoother process.

“The more you are educated and the more you are involved, the better the process is,” Hogan said.

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