Taming Cable Chaos – Lessons in Organization

by Tiffany Kjellander

How can agents stay organized, given all the cords and accessories that technology requires?

How can agents stay organized, given all the cords and accessories that technology requires?

Let me set the scene: my husband, Jeff, and I are at our annual convention, where he is an iconic member of the executive team, officially titled VP of Technology and Innovation.

This makes him super popular at parties and events, not just because of his enigmatic personality, real estate background and his tech prowess, but because he can make tech seem simple to even the most “challenged” of agents in the crowd.

We literally cannot walk more than 50 feet or so without someone wanting to chat. And, within seconds, someone asks to see my iPhone 5 or my iPad mini (perfect purse size!), borrow a cable or see what an external battery pack looks like – and I reach into my bag only to be attacked by my stuff. And within in seconds, EVERYTHING falls out of my perfectly presentable bag into a tangled mess of wires and gear.

Lessons in Organization

Ah yes, I am “that girl.” The girl with everything but the kitchen sink in my bag. I have a fear of being unprepared; I was a stellar Girl Scout. And, we have six kids, from infants to teenagers, so I’ve got snacks, wipes, pens and at least six iDevices in my bag at all times – which is great, as long as I can sort through my bag of tricks behind closed doors.

Want to stay powered through an epic power outage for 17 days? I’m your girl. But, put me in front of a super organized client, and ask for a pen? Someone is having a panic attack.

Enter the GRID-IT! from Cocoon (starting at $10). 

photo (12)

Someone left a few under the tree for me this year. I think Santa was trying to tell me something. This handy tool comes in various sizes, and different styles. They make squares, tablet and laptop sleeves and bags of all sizes, but all of the products do the same thing – tame the chaos.

photo (13)

This is literally a life saver! The smaller Grid is about the size of an iPad, so it fits right in my bag. Just look at those adaptors! The bands are super firm and grip everything; you can use this Grid as a frisbee and stuff just stays put. And, unlike a storage bag, I can tell at a glance if we have everything with us. Not everything fits in here – my Mac Air charger is a little too big, and so is my big iSound brick – but the smaller items are now right where I left them.

I’d definitely recommend grabbing one of these if you are traveling. Imagine what you could fit in a small carry-on with a few space bags and a Grid or two. I am so hoping that Cupid leaves me a GRID-IT! sleeve for my Mac Air for Valentine’s Day. You can order one of these from the Cocoon website or visit my favorite store.

Join me in my quest for organizational bliss – tweet me @tkjellander and let me know what your weak spot is!

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