Managing Broker of the Year, Suburb: Mark Pasquesi

by Chicago Agent

Mark Pasquesi
Prudential Rubloff Properties

Mark Pasquesi brings the unique qualifications of an experienced attorney and the knowledge of the Chicagoland real estate market that only a lifelong resident could have in his position as managing broker of Prudential Rubloff Properties in Lake Forest.

Using excellent leadership and communication skills and drawing upon his extensive knowledge of brokerages, transactions and licensing, Pasquesi strives to personally help each individual agent achieve his or her full potential.

After leaving the practice of law, Pasquesi began a successful career in residential real estate in 2000. An Evans Scholarship recipient, Pasquesi earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Northwestern University and a Juris Doctorate degree from the John Marshall Law School. He lives in Lake Forest with his wife Amy and their two young children.

“I am so very appreciative and humbled by just being a nominee. I can honestly say that I love what I do. The professional power and enthusiasm in my office is infectious, and that makes my job so gratifying. I feel this award is more about my office of consummate professionals than it is about me. I am truly thankful that I have been able to make such a strong connection to the agents in my office, other Realtors and the communities we serve. It inspires me to work even harder for all going into the future.”

Harry Walsh, RE/MAX In the Village; Peter Moulton, @properties



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  • Your Team says:

    No surprise to us! Congratulations Mark!

  • AnTon says:

    anyone sitting in cash since June is ofalicfily toast. ok I admit it I bought some european stocks in a TBTF rehash and Daddy is getting paid today. Only dipped toe in, but still now I am long around 150K European stocks and bonds, daddy hopes house comes through as I would love to have the europeans pay for my beach house .

  • Nora says:

    alap (46)-I will leave the business berofe I give away a penny of income as an inducement for a buyer to work with me.The only way to survive long-term in RE is listing, anyway.Buyers are getting cheated out of their own money ( You don’t pay me anything only the buyer pays a fee I work for you ha ha ha ) and the prohibition’ in the law was just a fig leaf bought and paid for by the guild courtesy of a compliant state legislature ( I’d love to give you some of your money back but the law just won’t let me. ) Speaking of which I presume that NJ Realt ores are truly hurting if they couldn’t muster the lobbying bucks to stop this. You don’t have to do anything. Redfin will take care of it.As an asside, I hadn’t seen where the rebate was capped at 1% (Stu [64]). If so, I fully expect a legal attack on this law from the guild with a great PR twist. They will say that the cap of 1% is price fixing and discriminates AGAINST buyers by preventing them from offering more. Therefore, the argument will go, the law must be struck down to protect the consuming public. No word on re-passing a substitute lacking the 1% cap naturally.And as I see it listing always was the way to get rich in used house sales. You buy an MLS listing (kickback to the guild) and let someone else sell it for you. Ever try to get a listing agent to show their own property?I’d prefer to see every honest person like yourself leave that line of work that way the rare anecdote won’t give credence to those who dispute the moral character of the industry.

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