Mortgage Refinance = Referrals?

by Chicago Agent


D.J. Paris is the president of sales and marketing for Kale Realty.

By Delfin Joaquin Paris III

I was watching the news a few weeks ago and saw a segment about how mortgage rates are near historic lows. I was aware that rates have been dropping all year, but hadn’t yet taken action to see if a refinance would make sense for my condo. 

Time for Mortgage Refinance?

My mortgage agent, in eight years, has never once picked up the phone to suggest a refinance. Each time I wondered if it was a good time to revisit my rate, I had to call him.

Now, I like my mortgage agent. He’s a great guy and I’ll keep using him. I would wager a bet that most lenders are not contacting their clients to discuss refinance options – but this is a PERFECT opportunity to connect/reconnect with past clients.

I’m not an agent, but if I was, I’d pick up the phone and call every client I helped purchase a home in the past five years, and say:

“Hi, I just wanted to touch base. I was reading an article about how rates are at historic lows, and I thought about you. I don’t know if you’ve heard from your mortgage agent recently, but, if not, I’d suggest giving them a call to do a mortgage audit. You might be able to refinance and save a few bucks. Anyway, I’ll forward the article over to you. Good luck!”

A Simple Way to Gain Referrals

Think of how impressed your clients will be that their real estate agent called out of the blue to suggest a mortgage refinance. But I also suggest not asking for future business or referrals on this call – providing continual value above and beyond what your clients would expect is the most effective way to generate referrals or future business.

Call 10 clients about mortgage refinancing and see what happens!

D.J. Paris is the president of sales and marketing for Kale Realty. To learn more about what Kale offers agents, visit http://joinkale.com or call 312.238.9796

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