Luminita Ispas, Real Estate Broker, Century 21 S.G.R., West Loop


Luminita Ispas is a real estate broker for Century 21 S.G.R. in the West Loop.

What was your first job in the realty industry? I was a secretary for a management company.

Where did you grow up? In a small town in Romania.

What is your favorite free-time activity? Reading and traveling.

What do you do to relax when you’re stressed? Read and go for long walks.

If you weren’t a real estate agent, what would you be? A real estate developer.

Where is your favorite place to hang out? Any library or bookstore cafe, and anywhere by the water.

What do you love most about the industry? The people and the possibilities. Our industry is unique in the product we sell and the dreams it creates and fulfills.

How do you distinguish yourself from the crowd of agents? Through market knowledge, knowing the product I sell and knowing what buyers expect in this market: a home and a good value as investment. I’ve probably seen thousands of properties by now, and I know hundreds of financing programs…or so I feel.

What is the most difficult aspect of your job? Staying still in the office and dealing with paperwork.

Where do you go to network and meet new clients? Everywhere. While waiting for a client in front of a property, parties and all the classes and events I attend.

What has been your greatest accomplishment? Helping clients short sell their homes, which in turn allowed them to get a fresh start. I was one of the first agents to start doing short sales in town. I also believe that every time I sell a house, that is one of the biggest accomplishments in that particular client’s life.

What was the last good movie you saw or book you read? “The Power of Your Subconscious Mind” by Joseph Murphy.

What is your favorite restaurant? The Signature Room on the 95th floor of the John Hancock Center, where I take clients that come from overseas or out of town.

Architecturally speaking, what is your favorite building in Chicago? The John Hancock Center.

What kind of car do you drive? Ford Explorer.

Smartphone or paper? Blackberry and paper.

What is your favorite city after Chicago? Las Vegas – I have one word for it: energizing! Also, Washington D.C. (it reminds me of my home city in Romania).

What is your advice for someone new to the industry? Learn your inventory, listen to your client’s needs and sign up for The Mike Ferry Organization!


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