Vote Now For The Agents’ Choice Awards!

by Chicago Agent

Voting is now open for Chicago Agent magazine’s 7th annual Agents’ Choice Awards! Write in who you think should win each category. Agents can vote as many times as they want all the way through Oct. 15 at 2 p.m. So reach out to your networks and affiliates and get them to vote for you – winners will be published in the Agent’s Choice Awards issue, out Nov. 5!

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  • Vincent Scott says:

    Currently just wish that the CAR controversy would be resolved and have a much more transparent manner of doing business.

  • The market is back!

  • Good to be working and making money again.

  • Ryan Rahim says:

    Good luck to all the agents out there for doing such a great job this year!

  • This is a complex market offering buyers and sellers opportunity to make significantly beneficial choices for their personal home and the most extravagant investment.

    Each client and transaction (separately) needs the utmost attention and care from their real estate agent, loan officer and attorney.

    Lets work for our clients and keep the deals together.

  • Jelena Zande says:

    A special thanks to the assistants in this business who work so hard to make our jobs easier.

  • Tom says:

    A and N Mortgage Services, Inc !

  • Anthony Marinaccio says:

    Thank you!

  • Katie says:

    Zachary Tamburin is most definitely the Rookie of the Year.

  • jblock says:

    Thank You!

  • Randee Simborg says:

    Baird & Warner – BEST company to work for and Rick Druker is the BEST managing broker in the city

  • Shaunna Burhop says:

    Market activity is back and Baird & Warner is leading the way!

  • Wendy Kiang says:

    As they have said in the opening of a novel; This is the best of times and the worst of times. Work hard and we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

  • LInda Constantine says:

    John Matthews is the best manager. I am a new agent and he has made me feel comfortable at the office and is very helpful.

  • LInda Constantine says:

    John Matthews is the best managerial broker. He does an excellent job in taking time to talk to all agents and give his advice. I am a new agent and he has done a great job in guiding me to important training sessions, suggesting web training sights, making me feel comfortable in the office and in sharing his real estate wisdom.

    Baird and Warner is the best brokerage in regards to their immense training program for new agents and experienced agents. They have excellent and advanced technology to help the agents do the best job possible. I am a new, but an experienced agent from another state. I am so pleased that I joined Baird and Warner for that reason alone.

  • Jimette Newton says:

    Baird & Warner is a great place to work.

  • Steve says:

    Check out BW’s website and new CRM. talk about productivity

  • Dave says:

    Key Mortgage just saved another one of my deals today!

  • Marie Cabrera says:

    I’ve been in real estate for 24 years and also developing my own properties so I do know that Baird & Warner is the BEST COMPANY, in my opinion. Richard Druker is a fantastic manager in the Gold Coast Area and Key Mortgage Services, Anthony, is superior!!!

    Its an incredible office to work for, the staff is just incredible, Gail Goldman is simply the best, kindest, solicituous of everyone’s needs and always has a loving smile.

    The agents are wonderful! What more could one ask??

    The marketing is outstanding in every way possible!

    Marie Cabrera, Broker since 1988

  • Michael Gordon says:

    Terrific company with outstanding loan process, great rates and low fees

  • Pat Cohen says:

    I’ve been in real estate for thirty years and Rick Druker is a gold standard individual. Our staff is the best of the best and never leaves. That says a lot for Rick and Baird and Warner. Our agents are superb and always helpful when asked any questions. The people who we seldom see at the headquarters are outstanding. We have it all!

  • Pat Cohen says:

    I’ve been selling real estate to thirty years and find Rick Druker to be the gold standard to work for. The staff is the best of the best and they have all been there as long as I’ve been. The agents are outstanding and always helpful. The people at the headquarters on LaSalle is always there, for us also. No one ever leaves Baird & Warner, therefore, that says it all! There’s no better place to be!

  • Pat Cohen says:

    I wrote two and it doesn’t send!

  • Peter Ricci says:

    Hey everyone! We really love all the wonderful comments on this post, but make sure you’re voting for your nominee as well! All you have to do is type his or her name in the appropriate box and click the “submit” button at the end. Thanks!

  • Delia Betty D'Sanchez says:

    Wonderful team to work with high expoerience in the lending business, very low fees and great interes rates.

  • Betty says:

    Love our new office at Baird & Warner Naperville. Bill Gill & Mary Ellen Dabbert are tops on my list of managers. Baird & Warner programs exceed all others and my clients love that they can search from just one site for all the properties & services.
    Thanks for keeping us “ahead of the rest”.

  • Ted Tesmer says:

    Baird Warner is the Best, Most Dynamic and State of the Art, World Class company in the Real Estate Industry!

  • Jane Petrone says:

    Tricia in our office has done a great job and works extremely diligently to help all our agents in the Schaumburg office

    She is compassionate, helpful, detailed and very much appreciated.

  • penny sirott says:

    Baird & Warner is the place to be if you are productive, professional,and ethical realtor.

  • Baird & Warner is BY FAR the best place to work! Cutting edge technology and superior staff support make you organized and prepared for anything you face out there. GREAT managing broker – Steve Lawrence! Inspiring and motivating! He has helped me take my business to a new level!

  • T Rocks says:

    there is no reason for the ‘vote as often as you like’ option for awards like this because it simply encourages company’s to compete for an award that should reflect actual opinions.

  • Kelly Crowe says:

    Baird & Warner Key Mortgage: Dan Cowart rocks in the Saint Charles/Fox Valley area.

  • Tamy Bobbitt says:

    Baird & Warner is a local real estate company with a global presence…a great place to grow personally and professionally!

  • corky says:

    The LF Pru office ROCKS

  • Matthew says:

    @properties is where it is AT!! I have met the most amazing, helpful people. The support is unparalleled. Specifically, Kevin Van Eck, Peter Moulton, and Chad Downie are definitely industry all-stars.

  • Prudential Rubloff Rocks! Great management, staff and support!

  • Reno Manuele says:

    Neighborhood Loans!!

  • arlen peterson says:

    The Lake Forest prudential office is without compare, no other office can be as well run or administered in the Burbs to say nothing of the TREMENDOUS Brokers who choose to be a part of the LF Team

  • kent kauffman says:

    Chris is one of the most generous, selfless people I’ve known. He’s a great nominee for this award.

  • KJ Kupiec says:

    Good Luck Chris!

  • Cindy Eich began an organization called R.A.H. in July of 2011. It stands for Realtors Against Homelessness and we raise money and food for the high school kids in District 211. Our first fund raiser raised $14,000 for the kids and this summer we raised enough food for 35 families. Nov.1st, 2012 will be our second annual fundraiser and our goal is to raise $25,000 and more awareness. Cindy was instrumental in getting RAH off the ground and making it as successful as it has become.

  • Jeff Becker says:

    Want to support nomination for Chris Mundy ….

  • Erik Blinn says:

    Baird & Warner is a fantastic company! We have the best website and it keeps getting better. Steve Baird is a national real estate icon because of his vision and dedication to Chicagoland real estate. Rich, Stephanie and our staff makes City North a great place to thrive in this industry!

  • ron goldstein says:

    Rick Sobin goes above and beyond as a managing broker@980 N. Michigan. Fantastic value add!

  • Linda C Minarik says:

    Its nice to have someone help the kids that are homeless in our area.

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