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Bad MLS Photo of the Week – Taxidermist Special?

by Chicago Agent


You can practically hear the moose murmur,”Can’t you picture yourself living here?”

By Peter Ricci

This week, Chicago Agent is proud to unveil a new editorial feature, one that just about every real estate professional should be familiar with – a collection of truly, horribly, awesomely bad MLS photos.

For our inaugural feature, this photo stood out. Nothing says “buy my house!” like a room filled with dead animals, does it?  This photo is an absolute treasure trove, from the symmetrically-placed sea bass on the left wall, to the mountain lion posing in faux snow, to our favorite touch, the moose, which stares directly into the camera lens, luring you into the room with his eyes.

Have an awesomely bad MLS photo you’d like to share? Send it our way! You can contact us at [email protected]

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  • Peggy Kayser says:

    hahahahahahahaha – glad that’s not MY house!!

  • Jeff Beck says:

    Ha… we’ve been doing this for a while….please add a way to submit for possible submission…

  • Lucy Mierop says:

    I once had a home like this in willow Springs, IL.
    After several showings from upset Agents and their clients, we decided
    to lock the door of this room and view it only if they were very interested in the home. My seller was hunter and loved all his stuffed
    animals! Scary, for many! We did sell the home and he seller glady
    removed them to his next home!

  • Lyn Sims says:

    It truly is horrible but it’s the agent fault for not telling the seller that they are offending most of their buyers. Besides, the room is too small for all those ‘dead heads’.

  • Chicago Agent says:

    Dear Jeff,

    your wish is our command! We just added a paragraph at the end of the story that instructs agents how to submit their own photos. For repetition’s sake, you can send your photos to [email protected]. We look forward to seeing your photos!

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