2012 Truth About Agents Survey

by Chicago Agent

Want to be on our magazine cover? Here’s your chance!

We want to know what’s really going on in the real estate industry. What are the hot-button topics today? And, most importantly, what’s really true about agents? Make your voice heard by taking our Truth About Agents survey. Everyone who fills out the survey will be entered for a chance to be on the cover of an issue of Chicago Agent magazine! But don’t worry – although we need your name so we can contact the winner of the drawing, all responses to this survey will be kept anonymous.



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  • Jamie roth says:

    Some of the responses that called for multiple answers wouldn’t allow multiples to be left. That may skew your results.

  • Stephanie says:

    Hi Jamie,

    We tested the form and all questions that allow multiple answers should be working. Email me if you experience further issues: editor@chicago.staging312.com

  • Thanks for taking the time to ask what we’re thinking! I enjoy your magazine – both online and in print – immensely.

  • Ian Robinson says:

    Some great questions. Looking forward to seeing the results!

  • Debora McKay says:

    Truly appreciate your magazine and what you are doing to keep us informed about our industry (from an agent’s perspective). Thank you!

  • Pamela Raia says:

    Please pick me, I would love the exposure!!!

  • Maria Davies says:

    Some good questions, thanks for trying to keep tabs on our profession/activities. I would have liked to see some questions relating to what type of professional/civic organizations we’re involved in as well as what, if any, international work we do.

  • Tamy Bobbitt says:

    Thank you for keeping us informed and in sync with our industry.

  • Pat Spaulding says:

    I think it’s a shame that our real estate industry only has a 20 percent rating for high ethical standards. Perhaps, we need to work on improving our behavior and image through better educational programs with both our agents and our clients.

  • Anna Foley-Henry says:

    I love the business and the challenges that come with it! If you are not a people person and you don’t have alot of patience especially in this market it’s not the right business to be in.

  • I will be interested in seeing the results.

  • Can’t wait to see the results! Some great questions!

  • Ryan Rahim says:


  • Bill White says:

    Thank you…

  • Liz Anderson says:

    I love the business and helping people fulfill their American Dream of owning a home!

  • d says:

    I look forward to each new issue

  • Great magazine…I look forward to each issue

  • Laura Hogan says:

    Great magazine! Very informative, yet not “stuffy”. Great industry articles as well.

  • The license transition was probably a good thing for those who could afford the trouble.

  • The license title change was silly.. a broker is just a sales person (you can’t sponsor yourself, and a managing broker is just a Broker .. It was just a silly thing to do to increase the fees paid.

  • Jayne Schirmacher says:

    Great Questions….

  • Paula says:

    Can’t wait to see the results.

  • Paula says:


  • Anne Siegel says:

    Would love to get the Siegel Gilberg team more exposure!

  • jim roth says:

    alrighty then…

  • Linda says:

    Nothing to say

  • Lyn Sims says:

    Stupid survey wiped out all my answers, I’m not doing it again. Get some better software if you want to compile a survey.

  • I will actually look forward to results of this survey. Should provide a good benchmark for agents to establish they stack up to their colleagues.

  • Cliff Luxion says:

    The survey did not ask if the respondent was the managing broker/owner. This should have been the first (qualifying) question.

    Did “rentals” mean residential only?

    Does this magazine survey only get sent to current active licensees, without fail?

    Some of the survey questions need a “none” or “n/a” option. I instead chose “other” and then typed in “none”.

    I’m not sure what worthwhile information will come from this, if any. It seemed pretty non-specific and at best will produce anecdotal results that do not get to the underlying reasons for the responses.

    Other than that, best wishes to all who took it and/or read the results!

  • maureen mohling says:

    it is such a changing market but i feel a turning point has been reached

  • Patricia Crossin says:

    Being able to advise clients regarding real estate matters has been a fulfilling experience in my 35 years in this industry. I find it amazing how little the consumers understand about real estate. Since it is the most expensive acquisition a consumer makes in a lifetime, there should be more education starting in high school as to the areas of finance and the process of purchasing homes and how it can affect their lives. I have also enjoyed the friendships with fellow agents and how hard we work to finally get to a successful close.

  • Jelena Zande says:

    Thanks for a great magazine that keeps agents in the hub about current trends and economic factors affecting the real estate market. The surveys present a forum for exchange of opinions, ideas, challenges and rewards of the multifaceted real estate industry.

  • Jose L Miranda says:

    Thank you! Looking forward to seeing the results!

  • Bob says:

    Looking forward to reading the survey results.

  • Judy Bruscianelli says:

    Thank you

  • Jeff Taylor says:

    Glad to participate. Will look forward to the results

  • Look forward to seeing the results!

  • Jeff Graves says:

    Well I guess I’m curious to see how my responses stack up against other agents… things like amount of voluntary training, expenses, etc…

  • Anne Donnelly says:

    Love your mag. Can’t wait to see the survey results!

  • Thank you,
    Looking forward to results –

  • Thank you,
    Looking forward to the results!

  • I hope the survey was well received and will be done more frequently due to the changing market.

  • Tom Krettler says:

    Great magazine and website. Looking forward to these survey results.

  • Kathleen Buffington says:

    Thank you for checking in

  • Kathleen Whalen says:

    Look forward to seeing the results. Thank you!

  • Mary says:

    Thank you for tackling the job of educating your readers regarding real estate agents.
    This survey is a good start in providing insight into the realities of our industry. There is a general misunderstanding by the public about the time, tasks, investment etc that goes into being an agent as well as the income produced. Questions such as:
    how many hours a week do you work?
    what was your net annual income in 2011, 2010?
    what percentage of your gross commission does it take to run your
    how many years have you been a Realtor?
    what level of education have you completed?
    What equipment do you personally own; computer, printer, scanner,
    fax, smart
    what type of health insurance does your brokerage provide ie major
    medical, etc.?

    would provide a more complete truth about agents. Perhaps you already have the answers to these questions from other surveys.
    I look forward to reading the results of the survey and learning the take awy your readers will have of our collective efforts.

  • Darby Zwagerman says:

    It will be interesting to see the results of the survey.

  • I found that your questions were right on and very relevant to what is currently happening in our
    industry. They were the type of questions that one often thinks about but rarely discusses with

  • Mario Greco says:

    There should be “n/a” for some of the answers since all questions don’t apply to all respondents

  • Chris Puszynski says:

    Thank you for this opportunity. I hope our industry raises the bar and offers better continuing education.

  • Rebecca Gilberg says:

    Chicago Magazine is a great resource.

  • I have changed companies in the last 5 months, and I am still learning
    their systems that are more sophisticated then my last company. The public has no idea how hard agents work and the training that is involved. The biggest problem that we had in the past was letting new agents obtain their Broker license without experience. It was a disaster.
    I’m sure Springfield had complaints. The more education and training that an agent has will protect the public. I have been a Broker/Manager in my past, and I have experienced the problems when agents are not trained.
    Hurrah for Education!

  • Thank you for this opportunity
    More detail should be measured, common challenges of practice shared, how transactions have changed, how financing and the process of short sales vs conventional affects time invested in our day to day business
    I look forward to the results

  • Janet Seehausen says:

    Looking forward to the survey results.

  • Susan Ani says:

    Taking the survey was a good reminder to myself that it is helpful to track our own business, to get a better understanding of how our efforts are working.

  • Catherine Brennan says:

    Thank you for asking our opinion. Look forward to the results.
    I would love to see a survey about accessibility to listings. Lockbox vs. listing agent present. I personally am frustrated when an agent tells me they can’t show because they have other commitments. Would you consider doing a survey/article concerning this topic?

  • Bert Gor says:

    This is a great publication. The marketing you folks do I am envious of daily. I also think it is so impressive that your company it seems is primarily all women. I think I am going to take up how to write AP style if it gets me to write 1/10 as good as you folks do. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your magazine over the last few years.

  • Great survey. Thank your caring. Our business has changed tremendously, and true professionals have had to change with it. Glad to have seen “should it be harder to get licensed” question here. No doubt, YES. As I mentioned, we need to treat ourselves as professionals before the buplic views us as such. You can’t demand respect, you have to earn it…

  • Grisell Perez says:

    I’m interested in the final results, but I do agree with some of my colleagues; it’s crucial to reinvest in your continuing education and business for success!

  • Great publication for our industry!

  • Yolanda Y. Malcolm says:

    Only the strong will survive I’ve been in the business 17 years in Dec. and this has been really hard. But I love helping people make such an important decision without this business I don’t know how i would have made it with a 20 year and 19 year both college and same time. take you for caring looking forward to see results.

  • Travis Smith says:


  • RAUL E. MOLINA says:

    This survey was a good opportunity to share that type of information. we need to do more of those, and I propose a semi-annual survey on different issues.

  • Ed Hall says:

    I felt that the questions as a whole were good, but some of the answers are really not relevant today, like magnets, etc. I for one will continue investing in internet marketing, however, always mindful, that in some neighborhoods(if age targeted) postcard marketing will bring a excellent return on investment. Strategically, to be effective today, you have to analyze each listing you take and develop a plan of who is your target audience(both agents and consumers), why they are, what is going to turn them on,and what resources do you need to be effective in your marketing and lay out a budget. We are in business and you have to recognize what tools you need to be successful, and what tools a brokerage will provide to you that fits your marketing thrust. The more you and the company are aligned, the more successful your business will be. We all need to remember,as Realtors we are initiating micro marketing campaigns and the company a macro campaign, so if my niche does not align with company A, then I need to research which Company it does align with. My company is aligned with my efforts and offers the tools I need to enhance my Group’s efforts.

  • Broker transition was just a way for the state to get more money. Surprising how many agents dropped out.

    I believe agents should be required to have a better understanding of Short Sales & REO. I started in march 2011 and I am surprised how many people can’t properly represent their clients because they don’t know how to handle short sales.

    Love the industry. Looking forward to many years to come.

    Chicago agent mag is great!

  • Kristin says:

    Anxiously awaiting the results of the survey. Thanks for requesting our opinions on the subjects.

  • Suzanne Micjas says:

    Thanks for the opportunity

  • Maura Murphy says:

    Good Questions and very thought provoking!

  • Lori Rowe says:

    Finally! You are asking all the questions that everyone wants to know the answers to but is reluctant to ask. Can’t wait to see the results!

  • Monica Klinke says:

    Would like to see a “maybe” response available for the question regarding are you considering changing offices.

  • Tamy Bobbitt says:

    This is truly a fantastic resource! Informative, concise and motivational. Thank you Chicago Agent!

  • Kim Galvan says:

    I think they should have added the question, “Are the insanely high property taxes negatively impacting sales?” The answer is a big fat YES!

  • Lori Bonarek says:

    I look forward to reading the survey results.

  • C says:

    We all know the license restructuring was designed to create another revenue stream for the state in this declining economy. I know two agents (I’m sure there are more) who lost the opportunity to renew their licenses after taking and passing transition courses because they were late mailing their fees. They were late with their fees not because they were inferior Realtors, but because they too had financial difficulty. Their funds were needed for medical and family expenses where their spouses lost their jobs. They were told that the State legislature did not include an option for “late fees” and now they must find ways to set aside additional funds to take the courses again. How does this benefit the state when this lapse in planning means Realtors who could work, pay fees and support their families are left without options?

  • Julia says:

    None of these questions were geared toward Teams.

    Teams seem to be trending to keep costs down and activity up

  • john says:

    Is any one out there still waiting for there licence What is going on with that. The taxes on some of these property Kill the sale you sell a home for 89.000 and the taxes are 9,000 a year Any one that can afford 89,000 for a house can not pay those kind of taxes what a joke

  • maria says:

    interesting survey!!

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