MRED Training Courses: Tailored To Your Needs

by Chicago Agent

By Russ Bergeron

Questions agents have pertaining to education and training have answers that often go hand-in-hand with their budget. While virtually all agents agree that education is vital to staying successful in the industry, some worthwhile classes and courses can cost a lot of money – but contrary to popular belief, not all valuable courses have to cost money.

Midwest Real Estate Data (MRED), provider of Chicagoland’s Multiple Listing Service, offers a variety of complimentary training options to help real estate professionals take complete advantage of all MRED product and service offerings. Your ability to use all of the tools in the MRED toolbox directly and positively impacts your bottom line. By taking advantage of these free educational opportunities, you will get the most out of MRED and the tools we provide.

Our training offerings fall into four categories:

Hands-On Classes and Lab Days: MRED offers hands-on training to learn the fundamentals of our MLS and public records systems. Lab days are offered to give real estate professionals an opportunity to sit down with an instructor in a one-on-one environment to address questions and issues they have regarding any and all MRED products. Hands-on classes and lab days are offered at our local Realtor association partners’ offices and at MRED’s Lisle facility. Check the training schedule on mredllc.com and on our Facebook Training Page (facebook.com/mredllc and click on the training page link) to register.  The training schedule is also emailed every Monday morning.

Custom Office Training: At no expense to you or your office, MRED will send a trainer to conduct training sessions customized to fit your office’s needs. These can cover one subject or a multitude of subjects – it’s up to your office. A firm can build their own curriculum. There is a requirement that a minimum of 10 people attend. Please call 630.955.2754 to arrange for your own custom office training.

Online Training Classes: MRED offers a host of different webinars covering specific subject matters. These classes are live and can be taken from your home, office or anywhere you would like. All online classes are included in the training schedules on mredllc.com, Facebook and in our Training Monitor email.

Training Videos: MRED has a library of training videos covering our products and services.  Simply log in to mredllc.com and click on the link in the training section of our website.

MRED recognizes that everybody has their own learning style and preferences. By offering training in different styles, we are providing each person an opportunity to take advantage of our complimentary education in a way best suited to him or her.

RUSS BERGERON IS THE CEO OF MIDWEST REAL ESTATE DATA, WHICH providES the Chicagoland multiple listing service (MLS) to nearly 8,000 real estate offices and 40,000 real estate professionals.

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