Using – But Not Depending on – a Brokerage Lead Generation Tool

by Chicago Agent

By Nicole Etter

Scott Curcio, Coldwell Banker

Knowing how to use the tools a brokerage provides is “so important,” says Scott Curcio of Coldwell Banker. Not taking advantage of this can mean agents are missing out on lead generation tools that provide quality leads.

For example, Coldwell Banker has an exclusive system called LeadRouter that automatically sends leads to agents who have opted into the system. “For properties that are for an agent’s exclusive listing, it sends those directly to that agent. It also pulls additional Internet leads and disperses those to agents participating in the program,” Curcio says.

LeadRouter also allows agents to automate their lead follow-up by setting up auto-reminders and a database with all notes on that prospect. The system is connected to Coldwell Banker’s website and partner sites, and any prospective client who types in a request for more information on a listing will trigger an alert to the agent who has the listing; agents can set up email or text alerts to call this prospective client quickly about the property they just clicked on. LeadRouter is set up so agents are able to get back to that person with more information in a literal minute, whether by phone or email. “For any agent that struggles with organization, it’s a great system that does the work for you,” he says.

While many leads Curcio received last year were from his own marketing efforts (direct mail postcards, monthly newsletter, occasional phone calls and drop-bys) and referrals, he also received several successful Internet leads, which helped him double his business, from $5.6 million in 2010 to $10.7 million in 2011. He closed a deal with a buyer who was an Internet lead through the LeadRouter program in October, and is currently working with a few other buyers who started as Internet leads and whom Curcio has since developed into clients.

While a brokerage lead system like LeadRouter is clearly very helpful, Curcio warns that agents shouldn’t rely solely on the Internet for leads. “Internet leads can be great, but I don’t think that Realtors should put all their eggs into this prospecting basket. The most important lead generation tool is seeing and staying touch with past clients and asking them for referrals,” he says. “All of (my marketing efforts) successfully turn over enough leads and referrals for me to maintain a successful level
of business.”

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