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  • In 2011, 45% of my new client business came through personal referrals, 35% through my search engine optimization/organic search marketing program and 20% through my enhanced presence on Zillow/Trulia/Realtor.com. For 2012 I plan to step up my SEO/OSM program and upgrade to a more robust Customer Relationship Management software.

  • edie jerome says:

    Please note I can be contacted at 847 853 7150

  • Jay Rodgers says:

    Lead Generation breaks down to: 60% past client/referrals, 20% internet (total – all sites), 10% signs, 10% direct mail. 2012 plan is to further enhance direct marketing to center of influence/A-List.

  • Jack Persin says:

    Lead generated referrals are an important part of real estate. We continue to grow this area for the agents and the company. Coaching and mentors are available to insure the conversion rate increases.

  • Jelena Zande says:

    I generate most of my leads from referrals, past clients, open houses, floor, sign calls and some from the internet websites. Face to face interaction is still my strongest point, so the key is to get that listing appointment or meet that buyer in person.
    It’s all about rapport. Buyers and sellers are looking for an agent they trust, are comfortable with, is knowledgeable about market conditions and will work in their best interest.

  • Can’t wait to see the survey results…

  • Debbie Hymen says:

    I have been advertising on Realtor.com, in one way or another, for most of my 15 year career. Most of the methods used on that site, whether it is by sending a Market Snapshot to people who inquire, or direct leads from the information I post about my listings, have generated leads that have turned into business. I also agree with those agents who have said that the internet marketing is great, however the personal, face to face interaction is most effective. Most of my leads are from past/current client referrals. I have also been very successful with direct snail mail – much more so than with direct email. I find that more people are getting to be like myself and they delete from their inbox much more frequently than throwing away a piece of snail mail before reading it. It is about the power of the persona. Attitude is important – pick a good one…

  • JoAnn Sworan says:

    As Lending Standards continue to tighten it is harder to find leads that are ready to buy immediately. I have found that if you ask additional questions that address not only funds available for closing and down payment but also if the client is aware of their credit score. Buyers should be monitoring their score 6 months before applying for a loan. The higher the score the lower a payment. On a $300,000. mortgage a 620 vs 720 score can represent about $250 per month. $3000. per year or $92,000 over the life of that loan. Better yet, a 620 credit score can reach 680-725 in a very short time if you know what to do.

  • Gary Ellis says:

    I have and still use all three sites and Still Need to use other lead generating sites to gather better leads to Market Homes and Gather new prospective buyers/sellers, etc. With Most buyers and sellers using the internet and web pages, clients are gathering their information far more faster than ever before. So lead generation and fast accurate communication/responses is critical in the first phases of the prospecting.

  • Maura Murphy says:

    Answering the Questions asked by Buyer’s on Trulia has been the key.
    You must get involved and get on the court. Technology is moving at
    records speeds and we need to move along with it. If you snooze you loose.

  • Donna Manella says:

    Every inquiry is a chance for conversion. Had I not had that presence in either Realtor.com or elsewhere, then it would have been a missed opportunity. Zero posts, plus zero web presence equals zero chance at potential new business.

  • Anthony Giannone says:

    All fsbo usually turn into a listing. Follow up follow up

  • Lori Rowe says:

    Approximately 68% of my business is repeat and referral. I have a few successful “farms.” Internet marketing is a great credibility reinforcer and will occasionally bring you quality leads. If you talk to prospects who come to you via the internet, they say that very few agents ever reply to online inquiries.

  • Phoebe Co says:

    The best referral still is to have face to face presence, be it in parties, networking events, open houses, walk in the neighborhood, community sports events, local community activities, chamber of commerce meetings.

  • Stella Petridis says:

    I would have to say that 70% of my business is repeat or referrals from past clients as well. Having plenty of patience especially for buyers since there is such a huge inventory to choose from and really listen to their needs. I know that in todays fast pace technology based world everyone e-mails and sends a text message but you can never replace one on one, face to face customer service.
    The main key to today’s custom real estate market is to be available for your customers/clients and as Jelena said above: It’s all about rapport. Buyers and sellers are looking for an agent they trust, are comfortable with, is knowledgeable about market conditions and will work in their best interest.

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