2012 The Truth About Agents Survey Results

Chicago Agent sent out a comprehensive survey to find out the truth about agents, and to compare the results for the year 2011 to our results from 2010. We received an overwhelming number of responses (special thanks to our readers for taking the time to fill out the survey), and the results on the next few pages reveal the truth about what agents are doing, how happy they are with their brokerage and associations, how much they are spending on marketing and more.

What we found was that things changed – in a good way: agents are making, on average, $95k a year compared to $70k in 2010; are more satisfied with brokerage services; are spending 5.8 percent of their income on marketing compared to 4.9 percent in 2010; and have a friendlier attitude toward associations, meaning 68 percent of agents, up from 64 percent, would join if they had access to the MLS without membership. Even new construction is experiencing an increase – 32 percent of agents sold new construction properties in 2011, compared to 23 percent in 2010.

Take a look at the following pages to see what’s really the truth in the industry.

The results presented here are reported from Chicago Agent magazine’s 2012 survey. This survey was answered online by hundreds of licensed agents during July and August 2012. The results were tallied and rounded up for ease and clarity. For further information on survey results, contact us at info@chicago.staging312.com.

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