This Week in Real Estate: Realtor Danger, Death of a Mortgage Deduction, and Rosie Moves to Lakeview

by Chicago Agent

A week of danger and resurrection, culminating in Rosie's triumphant arrival to the City of Big Shoulders.

Danger and death played big in This Week In Real Estate, as we saw a flurry of activity on these stories: an in-depth study on the dangers faced by Realtors; the possible demise of the mortgage interest tax deduction; Rihanna’s bad girl housing policies; and Rosie’s arrival to the Windy City.

Realtor Danger & Death of a Mortgage

AgentGenius asked Is the Realtor profession becoming more dangerous? Their results may interest you. Also, the “Hardest Hit” fund finally launched for Illinois, promising up to $20,000 in funds for unemployed and underemployed homeowners, and come 2013, we could see the demise of the enormously popular mortgage interest tax deduction, all in the name of deficit reduction.

Rosie, Rihanna, and a Profitable Contagion

Lighting up the Twitter-nation this week was speculation on Rosie’s Lakeview property acquisition, reports that Rihanna really is into S&M (from a real estate standpoint, of course), and that the recently-released “Contagion,” despite dramatizing the fall of mankind, was a nice boon to Chicago’s economy.

The Latest Issue

From our Fall New Construction issue, check out our cover story, “Selling What’s New,” and read an expansion of our “All in the Details” story, which features a more in-depth look at the luxury home design/build process with the Grahn brothers of GVP Development.

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  • J. Mance says:

    On the matter of Rosie O’D. What are you smoking? ‘Triumphant arrival’…from what? She is one of the most disingenuous, self-centered, selfish, vitriolic, big mouths to land on the planet. Are we supposed to be glad this has-been is in Chicago? Pu..lease..give it a rest. There are many, far better examples of star power that Chicago can lay claim to.

    J. Mance

  • Rich Q. says:

    In regards to Rosie, it is a good thing when a wealthy and prominent individual who can afford to live anywhere chooses Chicago. It is a positive message about the city.
    I’d say that J. Mance has some issues in negatively reacting to Rosie’s move in such a bitter manner.
    Welcome to Chicago, Rosie!

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