Chicago Association of REALTORS Announces $30 Dues Decrease

by Chicago Agent

The Chicago Association of Realtors (CAR) announced a $30 dues decrease for the 2011 to 2012 fiscal year and an increase in member benefits. This decrease is an answer to concerns expressed by CAR members about rising costs elsewhere in the real estate industry.

It is also a “thank you” to the organization’s members who continue to work hard to help rebuild the real estate industry in its tough economic environment, according to CAR CEO Ginger Downs.

“We are proud to continue to strive to achieve efficiencies internally that allow us to help our members’ profitability at a challenging time,” Downs said. “It’s a testament to our dedicated Board of Directors that we’re able to go against the grain of cost increases industry-wide and not only cut costs but increase the tools, training and other assistance we provide our members.”

CAR reviewed expenses and anticipated revenues and budgeting for necessary and desired networking programs, products and services. New member services will include a wider array of educational programs, a technology conference this summer, and an educational expo with Freddie Mac that will be accompanied by a short sales continued education component.

The dues decrease is accompanied by a dues and fees payment plan that encourages CAR members to elect their most comfortable budget option. Dues and fees can be remitted in one payment by Sept. 30, 2011, or in four equal payments over five months. According to a recent CAR survey that asked members how they prefer to pay their dues and fees, four installments was the most popular option. There is a $5 processing fee per installment.

“When we ask members why they choose CAR as their local real estate association, they cite our urban location, educational opportunities, statistical information and communications. It is critically important to keep all of these qualities strong – and then add some. It’s our mission to ensure our members prosper,” said Mabel Guzman, C.A.R. President and Realtor with Envision Real Estate.

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