2011 Truth About Agents Survey

by Chicago Agent

Truth About Agents SurveyWhat’s really going on in the real estate industry? What are the hot-button topics today? And, most importantly, what’s really true about agents? Make your voice heard by taking our Truth About Agents survey.

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  • Secret Agent says:

    The income question omits the $25k to $50k segment.

  • Chicago Agent says:

    should be added now!

  • A. Tagler says:

    The market is just a mess. we will all have to work alot harder to earn a living.

  • Laura says:

    Would you join the association if you could just join the MLS?

    Does this mean…

    if association membership was optional, would you skip it and just join the MLS?


    Would you prefer if MLS membership was included with association membership?

  • Barrington Agent says:

    As in any market, character and hard work prevail! The best clients come by personal referral. Continual business, social and on line communication with your sphere of influence is what will keep you in this business. In good times and bad .. being a good person and doing what is right, honest and professional are the tools for success. Easy to say when there is no money coming in .. but ultimately these things will help and make you feel good about yourself.

  • Linda Martin says:

    I always find your publishing of the survey informative. I find brainstorming on technology & the internet is always benefical to all of us. If you organzie a networking/social event based on topics from the survey it would terrific!

  • Kelly Anderson says:

    I just LOVE what “Barrington Agent” said. Doing the right thing by clients at all times, being genuine and NOT a salesperson…keeping in touch because you like the folks you work with….it’s been what’s kept me going and surviving in this market. People know when you truly care about their welfare. Honesty is key. People know when you truly put their needs first.

  • jackrealtor says:

    Some of the questions were ambiguous. I like the print magazine dropped to our office for catching up on local market stuff. You should run spotlights on some “special” homes more often.

  • The market is challenging…..it is not a mess! The only mess in the market right now is we as professionals are setting unrealistic expectations with our buyers and sellers. As professional real estate agents we have more influence over the direction of the market than any other variable related to the market. How we react to pricing, emotions, inventory, and negotiations will directly impact our clients. Be calm, be diligent, be responsible and evaluate with statistics and facts, not generalizations and emotion. Power On!

  • Athanasios says:

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  • Dave Weinert says:

    The market is a challenge to say the least…Collar suburbs are picking up city slack of the under-served, but those properties are often REOs listed by fly-by-nights and worth less than the paltry sum they are listed at to start with.
    What Barrington says isn’t wrong, but is easier to say when selling in Barrington than the Southside (just for example). Doing three deals instead of one means less family time, less income overall (more overhead, lost revenue, etc…).
    The board serves a direct purpose, the Association an indirect one, so it isn’t apples to apples. I think most agents are upset that NAR or IAR give our dues to politicians or causes that don’t always reflect who they would give that money to if left to their own devices. Let’s be honest here, NAR and/or IAR are essentially trade unions without the benefits that people would join a union to get, health care, paid vacations, pensions. Just as some in a union might not like their dues going to candidates that they don’t support, it is about the same for some in real estate. It is more evident now when so many REALTORS are feeling the pain so deeply. Board dues go toward the effective running of day-to-day operations in a tangible way that every agent who logs onto the MLS can quantify. Going to Springfield for a reception at a giant association headquarters once a year to walk around the hall where ‘our’ lobbyists compete with other PAC’s lobbyists to throw gobs of money at politicians most of us don’t like either isn’t the feel good in these times that those doing well want to acknowledge is a reality for those who aren’t.
    As an industry, we all put on a happy face with clients, find the positives anywhere we can. I never understand why we are so reluctant to speak the truth to each other, about each other, about the industry we are all in together, when it is ‘just us’. Our clients read and watch Tv; they know the economy is down. If they have unrealistic expectations, where would they have gotten those? We cannot change that reality until we admit it. I have heard agents tell their clients to buy now, because if they had to sell in two or three years, they will be fine. SOMEBODY is going to have to clean up that mess if that person DOES have to sell soon. Speaking of mess, the REOs are a joke, but that is another post altogether.

  • The more we can learn from each other in this unsettling market, the better we can serve out clients. When I read information about other areas, it can be helpful in working with my clients. We all need chooses. Most of all it needs to be honest and clear.
    Thank you for asking my opinion.

  • Diane Burke says:

    Income was hard for me to answer because I was out of work for a year
    due to 4 leg operations. It would have been easier to answer income for 2009. I’m thankful to be back to work. The public is very nervous
    and they don’t have confidence in our economy. We are working harder for less money due to the huge decreases in value. Lenders are making
    it very difficult. You can’t catch your breath until after the closing.

  • Linda says:

    Chose to self-sponsor in 2011 – work with other agents. I find buyer – show property – when buyer is ready to buy the contract is written and submitted by the agent I’m working with. Other agent processes. I obtain inspections on buyers’ behalf and accompany. Split 50/50.

  • TR says:

    Thanks to have very trusted client difficult time sendmore referrals
    Able to make good year due to rentals
    Real estate is not bad the finance people make it harder
    Things has to chang.

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