More Details About Realtor’s Murder in West Des Moines

by Chicago Agent

The brutal murder of Realtor Ashley Okland in West Des Moines in early April remains unsolved, and now the disappearance of the 53 year old woman who reported the crime is keeping police on their toes.

Ashley Okland (COURTESY PHOTO), Des Moines Register

According to AgentGenius, the woman recently threatened suicide, but the incident was averted when her mother called the police. Now, as she is nowhere to be found, her mother has filed a missing persons report, but police do not believe the woman’s disappearance is directly related to Okland’s murder.

Both cases are still open, while the reward for information relating to Okland’s case has risen to $75,000. To date, while many leads have been followed and four search warrants have been executed, no suspects have been named. It is believed that the culprit is also a real estate agent, and a “scruffy looking” man.

“The detective told me he’s not found one person that has one bad thing to say about her – not one person,” Deb Cochran, Okland’s mother, said to the Des Moines Register. “He said: ‘Your daughter was a saint.’ “

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  • scott kilmer says:

    I was curious. It is amazing with all the cameras in the area that nothing was picked up. I was also wondering since there is a walmart in the area. would the shooter have purchased his or her ammo before the murder? I’m not sure where the open house was but I have tried to look at the area by satelite photos. Google earth now has that area in there data base. Maybe someone with more expertice with that program can look at it and know what is supposed to be there and what is not. There is a company that does airial photos that is much better than google earth but I don’t know there company name but I do know it has to do with agriculture. It would be in the right time frame for them to be taking photos checking on the crops.

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