Making a Successful Transition

by Chicago Agent

By Jimy Shannon

Let’s face it – leaving one company for another is never easy. It’s tough to leave familiar surroundings, and it’s a challenge to learn new processes. However, as I’ve seen in working with hundreds of agents who have joined @properties over the years, making a transition to a new company – one that’s right for you – can and should be one of the most rewarding and re-energizing experiences of your career.

Still, setting up shop at a new firm requires a lot of planning on the part of both the agent and the brokerage firm’s transition team. Here are some tips to make that transition seamless and successful.

  • Organize Your Database – A new beginning is a great marketing opportunity, but in order to fully lever-
    age it, your contact database must be in order. Now is the time to update contact info and re-classify leads so you can take advantage of your new firm’s marketing resources as soon as you walk in the door.
  • Create/Update Your Business Plan: It’s also the perfect time to create or update a business plan. For a transitioning agent, a business plan helps set or revisit goals and lends some added structure to a new situation. Find out what company resources are available to help you implement this important step.
  • Reconnect with Your Sphere: A change of venue is an opportunity to reconnect with people you haven’t spoken with in a while. It’s also a chance to ask for referrals. I can cite countless examples of agents picking up business as a result of announcing their move and reconnecting with their sphere of influence upon joining @properties.
  • Embrace the Culture: Culture shock is part of any job change, and I’ve found that the best way to get past it is to embrace the culture at your new firm. Come into the office, attend sales meetings and sign up for educational programs and activities.
  • Remember Why You’re Here: In all likelihood, you’re joining a new firm because it offers many services and benefits that weren’t previously available to you: marketing, training, administrative support, technology, access to upper management or ownership, etc. To make the most of your transition – and advance your career – take full advantage of these resources.

Ultimately, joining a new firm should benefit you and your clients. To ensure a positive experience, be prepared and organized and make the most of the people and programs that are there to assist you.

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