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by Chicago Agent

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  • Anne Siegel says:

    I begin in real estate believing I was a luxury property agent but reality has proven otherwise.

  • Martin Grant says:

    Can’t tell a book by its cover..believe in golden rule..Treat people the way you like to be treated…People are different and sometimes it takes a good ear to find out what the needs and wants really are.

  • Angie Faron says:

    The market that I work in rarely has homes with a value of over $500,000.

  • Juli says:

    All my clients are a luxury these days!

  • Luxurious homes are expensive to keep on the market in these economic times. The buyer pool appears to be smaller. We have to have just as much care in servicing and selling the little ones, as they pay the bills.

  • tom rebarchak says:

    To have “Luxury” home buyer clients is now a true luxury!

  • Carol Prieto says:

    It is a privilege to have clients in this market. I am happy to work with both my luxury and non-luxury clients.

  • Carolyn says:

    Unfortunately, we on the North Shore have “luxury” sellers whose numbers by far outstrip the stable of luxury buyers. As the groundswell of downsizing Boomers continues to grow, the situation stands to worsen. The Gen-X and Y’ers simply do not wish to be saddled with the expense, time, trouble and responsibilty that the Boomers considered de rigeur. Makes for an incredibly imbalanced and stagnant market situation! So, WE “downsize” also……….from the “luxury” inventory to that which is actually selling!

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