Top Producer Perks

by Chicago Agent

One of my favorite things about being a top producer is that I get to brag about it every time I’m meeting a new potential client – and then who could resist me? But I won’t be able to brag this week because I’ll be in Turks and Caicos enjoying the ocean views all close enough to hear the soothing sounds of international commissions. What’s better than bringing a client to South Caicos and getting advanced commissions? I may have to skip out on plans to play soccer with Sean Conlon and Alexi Giannoulias in Argentina – have a steak for me guys!

On to the good stuff…is everyone feeling any Rahmifications yet? I told Rahm, who is making me address him as “Mr. Mayor-Elect”, that I had a great new house for him….with a big basement. Now that he is employed, is it time to buy something new? Maybe something in Bridgeport for old time’s sake?

Speaking of people who like world domination, is @properties getting any closer in their quest to rule Chicagoland’s offices? Word on the street is they’re talking acquisition with a suburban group with the initials JG. Others tell me about franchising dreams. Either way, it’s never smart to take your eyes off the Mike and Thad.

File under new moves: David Radke is no longer working at the Private Bank and he’s now at Standard Bank. Dream Town Realty continues its amazing additions its team; new agents include John Oertel, Nicole Fabiano, Suzy Thomas, George Torres and Paul Ahlatis. Have a great time with Yuvall and make sure you don’t forget to use the massage room!

Century 21 Affiliated is throwing a big red carpet shindig on March 11 at SpyBar for their grand opening. Word is there will be several important bigwigs in attendance. Hey Sandesh, what’s the password?

Last but not least, let me reveal who is getting older: Bill Diehl made it another year on Feb. 25, and a whole lot of people are celebrating birthdays the first week of March. So many, I might have to get started celebrating early! Steve Schwartz on March 4, Elana Spector on March 5, Maria Clara Medina on March 9, and Katrina Schmitt on March 10. And last but not least, CA’s very own publisher extraordinaire Marci Sepulveda will celebrate her birthday on March 11. Happy birthday!

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