That Much Closer to Groundhog Day

by Chicago Agent

I know everyone wants me to talk about the New Year and 2011 and all that jazz, but that’s what everyone is doing this time of year and I am not everyone. Instead, I’d like to point out that we are that much closer to Groundhog Day, which could mean winter is practically over. That’s right, do the math. So far this year I’ve already written 2010 on about 25 forms and checks, and I still haven’t learned my lesson. It’s not a mistake, it’s a protest.

I did enjoy my vacation, thank you very much for asking, and now it’s time to hunker down and get cracking on doing what I do best: making a sale. I’ve put the eggnog down (and picked up the champagne) and I’m ready to jump in and tell my loyal readers what’s up.

Lots and lots of moving and shaking going on now that we’ve stumbled upon 2011. A couple of them actually happened in the CA offices. Farewell to my favorite blonde and redhead, may they live long and prosper. And for those of you that thought either one of those gals is Agent X I have one thing to say: “wrong again, suckers.”

CONLON is doing some expanding by purchasing TREG from Jim Roth. Looks like it will be a good match because they both have such gooey nice things to say about each other. It’s much more exciting when there is a war of words after a takeover, but I guess it wasn’t a hostile one.

Jim Psyhogios, formerly with Frankel & Giles has become a partner of Salatinos and Doughboys Pizzeria. Not sure if the restaurant business is more stable than the real estate industry, but I’m happy to swing by for free breadsticks.

@properties has hired Joni S. Meyerowitz as COO, which is great for her but makes me wonder why they never needed a COO in the past. Conspiracy?

If you take a look at the CA website you’ll see that Dream Town has added another 1,000 agents. You know why it’s always posted? Because they send a release, that’s how it works so get on it if you want everyone to know you’ve snagged some agents.

RE/MAX Villager in Glenview has added seven agents that were affiliated with RE/MAX in Northbrook. There are now 36 agents at the office, which is a nice, even number. The person with the coolest name joining is Everett Schwartz, with Val Napadov coming in at a close second.

Lawsuits are in the air, as just three months after she opened her own Sotheby’s franchise, a bank has sued Karina Caulfield to collect $3.6 million in loans the lender says are past-due. Caulfield originally nabbed her own franchise as part of a settlement of a law suit she filed in 2009, and now the tables have turned it seems.

A Miami developer, Crescent Heights Inc., has bought 205 unsold units in Astoria Tower. Known as a condo converter, Crescent Heights plans to rent out the units, with an aggressive strategy to undercut the prices of other apartments in the area. Sounds like a great way to make friends with the neighbors.

The Elysian sold their most expensive unit yet with a sale of $8.6 million to the co-chairman of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. First of all, why is he buying a condo in Chicago? And secondly, I am obviously in the wrong industry.

Not a lot of events to report since the industry parties it up until about Dec. 20 and then shuts down and burrows into a hole until the third week of January. Have no fear, I was still able to hit up a few shindigs.

Jameson decided to throw their holiday party after our last issue went to press for 2010, but of course I didn’t forget the fun. The gang headed to Belmont Lounge for the good times and enjoyed cocktails from “celebrity” bartenders like Lauren Mitrick and Mike Sato. Please note celebrity is their word choice, not mine. How will the parties change now that it’s Jameson Sotheby’s International Realty?

On Jan. 5, The Young Real Estate Professionals brought in Stephen Quazzo, CEO of Transwestern Investment Company, to speak at their speaker luncheon. I might’ve taken a catnap, but it was still very educational.

January is a good time to make predictions for the year that will probably be way off, and so in that grand tradition CAR is hosting their 2011 Economic Forecast on Jan. 20 at the Holiday Inn Mart Plaza. Special prize to anyone who can count the number of attendees playing Angry Birds on their phone.

Coming up Jan. 24 and 25, Prudential Rubloff Properties will be taking a bus to Chestnut Mountain in Galena for two days of networking, skiing, spa and exercise. If all of those things can be done at the same time I will be in awe of PRP. I also wonder if it will be a school bus or a fancy charter bus, but only time will tell.

As always, people keep selfishly celebrating the day of their own birth. Jennifer Evans snuck her birthday in at the end of the year on Dec. 29. Former CA studmuffin Dana Shaut celebrated his big day on Jan. 6, while his office bro Marc Churchill celebrated on Jan. 7. Gary (lucky husband to Stephanie) Oullette and JD Cortese both partied down on Jan. 12. Kevin Rocio will celebrate his “26th 21st” birthday on Jan. 13, and Northern Trust’s Emma Cavazos will eat cake on Jan. 18. Last, but never least, Jon Millikin will party hardy on Jan. 26.

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