MB Ain’t for Me

by Chicago Agent

I was a managing broker once. Don’t look so surprised, it’s clear I have a way with people and so I decided to give running an office a try. A week later, I realized that I actually have to listen to what others say and attend regular meetings. That was the end of that. At my current office, I have a love/hate relationship with my MB. She loves the money I bring in but hates my attitude. Luckily, money beats attitude any day. Even luckier is that she doesn’t know that I’m Agent X, so she won’t get upset when she reads this. BTW, there’s a rumor floating around that I work with @properties, so the MBs at that office might want to take inventory.

On to the gossip! REIA got down on Dec. 1 at their holiday party at English, though I got confused and headed to the REI store on Halsted. Bought some boots then headed to the right locale.

Shout out to the Realtor at Mitchells on Clybourn and Racine for the free soup. Let’s make this a habit.

Dream Town hosted the Best Real Estate Tech Seminar at Old Town School of Folk Music on Dec. 2, and now that Kathleen knows how to create a hashtag, look for DT to be using a lot of them on the ol’ Twitter.

Diana Ivas, aka one half of the Versace couple, chaired the Hinsdale Center for the Arts Holiday Home Tour on Dec. 5th.

A friendly message to the post office, the Conlon Roscoe office is still receiving packages for Jeff Lowe, who hasn’t worked out of that location since before Conlon took it over years ago.

Get well wishes go out to Curt Schultz with Create with Curtis since he was admitted to the hospital. However, there is a chance he went to a lot of trouble just to avoid a meeting with our account exec. She offered to meet him at his bedside to discuss next year’s rates, but never heard back.

Happy Hannukkah to all my Jewish fans out there. I tried to make a dreidel out of clay this year, but when it was dry and ready it looked more like a latke.

Anyone else get the notice that Jenny Sepulveda has too many Facebook friends to add more? Did anyone know that was even possible? I saw that movie and it looks like those geeks could handle a problem like that.

It’s cold out and the only good thing about that is holiday parties!! Some have open invites, and some will only allow the really special agents to attend, and those are the ones I will be crashing. Keep in mind that open doesn’t necessarily mean free.

WCR’s installation at the East Bank Club on the 15th is open to all, and some of you might be excited to finally see the inside of that place. Anyone can head to the YREP party at Underground on Dec. 16th, even if you’re not actually “Y.”

Ownacondo.com has finally got a piece of the pie and is moving on up to the east side. They are closing down their office in Oak Brook at the end of the year and heading to Streeterville.

Birthdays! Andy M. Shiparski (not to be confused with Andy Shiparski) will celebrate on Dec. 8. Theresa, aka TT, aka Blondie, aka T$, will celebrate her bday on Dec. 14, and will be hosting a party somewhere on Dec. 10 for all her loyal followers. Anyone interested in sponsoring should contact her right away.

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