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by Chicago Agent

Let’s be honest, the lending side of the industry is pretty much a snooze. However, I must say that lenders know how to party! Every time I go to an event I know that at least three or four of my fun-loving mortgage buds will be in attendance, and they also know that free drinks lead to referrals, so drinks are on them! If you find yourself caught in the corner stuck on a dullsville topic, just distract a lender with that “money, money, money” song that “The Apprentice” stole and you can easily slip out unnoticed. Of course I’m not referring to any company that has advertised in this magazine or plans to in the future.

Btw, thanks to Neena for the brownies she sent over to the office. I stole them when no one was looking because I thought they were the special kind. Turns out they weren’t what I thought, but they were still quite tasty.

Today is the day that the Agents’ Choice Awards nominees are announced! I’m so excited I might pee in my pants. Visit that new fancy website we’ve got to see who they are.

Speaking of which, on Nov. 3 those nominees will be invited to an exclusive party where CA will announce the winners. If you offer cash, I might be able to sneak you in.

Agents with listings around the Bucktown area hosted an Octoberfest House Tour to showcase their single-family home listings. It’s a beautiful thing when agents from different companies can all work together – Coldwell, Baird & Warner, Sotheby’s, @ were all representin’.

The now-broker/owner of LUXE Marketing and Sales, Jenny Sepulveda, was honored at Lakeside Bank’s Annual Women Who Make a Difference Awards Celebration on Oct. 19. Jenny looked as fly as always and sported the highest heels in the room.

Also on Oct. 19, Belgravia hosted a brokers open at 433 Briar with some super tasty treats. I can’t stop eating the cookies our editor snagged on the way out. Word is the Belgravia receptionist is responsible for the addictive noshes. I also heard the units were cool and the elevator was trippy.

WCR Chicago hosted a full house at the Lincoln Park 2520 sales center on Oct. 20 with Belgravia’s Buzz Ruttenberg, RMI’s John Murphy and Jameson’s Harry Huzenis speaking candidly about the future of development, brokerage relationships and their marketing strategies. For the first time ever there were more lads than lasses at a WCR event.

The WCR ladies from all chapters will head down south to New Orleans for the National WCR conference on Nov. 3. Be sure to bring your beads.

Red Seal will host a Grand Opening of their Avondale single-family homes on Oct. 28 and 30. I would recommend showing up on the 28th for a Smoque BBQ, which T-dog suggested might be a French version of a barbecue. Although if you go on the 30th you might have less of a crowd.

Also on Oct. 28, zoom on over to Inverness for Meritus Homes’ open house at Creekside at Inverness Ridge. If there isn’t a creek involved I’m going to shout “false adverting” and run away.

Modern Homes will debut a new model at Amber Shores in Lake Villa. For a limited time only, the next five purchasers will only pay builder’s cost on the to-be-built home of their choice at Amber Shores, not to be confused with Amber Waves of Grain.

Bdays are still going on year after year. Someone dropped the ball last issue, which is weird cause we never miss anything here. Happy belated birthday to Maria Thanasouras (Rex) who we will never forget again on Oct. 14. Matt Garrison celebrated on Oct. 23, so send him a belated card. Chris Varco narrowly misses Halloween with a bday on Oct. 30, Mitch Levinson will celebrate while we’re all out voting on Nov. 2, Mike Dote will party down on Nov. 6 and Fernando Vega will enjoy being given an awesome name on Nov. 7.

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