Who Cares About Bottoms?

by Chicago Agent

Yeesh, are we still talking about a recovery? Is anyone else tired of all this economic mumbo jumbo or is it just me? Look I’m all for locating a bottom, just a different kind than all those economists are discussing. Speaking of economists, our editor tried to tell a joke in her note, but failed. I’ve got a bunch more that will make your Monday:
• I asked an economist for his/her phone number and he/she gave me an estimate.
• An economist is someone who gets rich explaining to others why they are poor.
• “I’m thinking of leaving my husband,” complained the economist’s wife. “All he ever does is stand at the end of the bed and tell me how good things are going to be.”

And I could go on and on, but I’ve got some gossip to get to. Back to bottoms, let me tell you the bottom line, quit crying in your soup about the market and get out there and make some deals!

As we segue into the gossip that you all know and love, I have to warn you that I was scolded by my editor for some recent remarks. Therefore, I’m supposed to tone things down, you see how well I follow directions when you take a look at the economist jokes above. How about one more? Economics is extremely useful as a form of employment for economists. Alright, out of my system.

Across the street from Lexington Homes’ Lexington Park in Downer’s Grove a new sign has appeared for a six-unit townhome community represented by Jeff Ohm to be announced in “Summer 2010.” Since I’ve come close to melting every day for the past month, I’ll venture a guess that summer is here. Let’s get to it Ohm and make the announcement.

Brian Brunhofer, former Pulte Chicagoland president has come out of hiding — as you can see by the cover story in this issue — to introduce a new development company he has formed with his wife, Karen, called Meritus Homes. I don’t know what’s scarier, starting a new development company in this market or starting a company with your spouse.

Fifth Third Bank hosted an event in conjunction with Freddie Mac’s chief economist Frank “Mr. Bowtie” Nothaft and real estate coach Floyd Wickman at the Renaissance in Schaumburg. Nothaft’s biggest comment that brought a pause in BlackBerry typing was that he doesn’t think we’ll do the “double dip” once the shadow inventory comes on the market. When it comes to french fries I’m a huge fan of the double dip, but for the economy not so much.

Albert Friedman has partnered with AMLI Residential to build a 49-story apartment tower in River North just west of Brasserie Jo. The building will have retail available at ground floor and Fox & Obel has already agreed to lease out the next door parking garage that Friedman also owns as their second Chicago location. If you’re popping in to Brasserie Jo, be sure to try my favorite, the red wine chicken coq au vin, alsace kneffla. Enjoy asking your waiter for that one.

Realtors to the Rescue held an event to raise money for the Animal Emergency Veterinary Fund in Avondale. While the cupcakes shaped like dog faces were fun to eat, it’s hard to enjoy free booze while looking at dogs and cats that have been through hell and back. Agent X might’ve shed a tear had it not been for that magical elixir in the putt putt room that makes every taker forget their sorrows.

Michael Fine and Company did a two-part auction “Dutch style” on a custom built home in Woodstock and the full floor penthouse at 247 E. Chestnut. For those of you who are curious, Dutch style means starting at the highest amount and work your way down. Whoever raises their hand first wins. Unfortunately, nobody raised their hand so nothing was sold at the auction. As of press time, Fine said he is working out some new options with the registered bidders. I’d be nervous about this Dutch style, because if you accidentally raise your hand to swat a fly you’ve just bought a new home without the chance of being outbidded.

And now for some birthday fun. Miguel Salvat should enjoy August 4, while Akos Straub, Maria Munoz and Luke Brindle all have to share the spotlight on Aug. 8. Last but not least, Lynn Reidl will rejuvestate her birthday on Aug. 15.
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