Homes Here, There and Everywhere

by Chicago Agent

If I were to tell you how many homes I really have you’d hate me. There are scads of people out there that already hate me for plenty of good reasons, so I brag about my numerous homes to add a green cherry to the top of the cupcake of life. I’ve essentially started collecting homes, and you know how I did it? By selling my existing clients their own second homes. The cycle of real estate is similar to the cycle of life, and I love unicycles. If you ever want to spend some vacation time in Trinidad, Turks and Caicos or North Dakota, give me a holler and I’d be happy to rent out one of my pads and make some more money.

I’ve got some great news for all my faithful readers: The building of new homes and apartments jumped 17.2 percent. I’m happy to bring my readers sunshine and rainbows when possible.

A group of six lenders will determine the fate of Centrum’s Roosevelt Collection conversion from condos to apartments so stay tuned for the results on that. I don’t know why they’re sending in six lenders to decide something one Agent X could do alone.

CA had another fabulous party to celebrate the release of the Who’s Who issue in a swanky loft in River North. Everyone seemed to dig the vibe, and most of the guests didn’t even notice someone locked themselves in the bathroom for half an hour. Agent X is more of a vodka fan, but Right Gin will do the trick, too.

WCR Chicago’s “Closet Cleanout” event was packed with stylish women looking to learn a few tidbits about making their closet look more like a boutique than a mess. If you have multiple homes this is also much easier. Closet guru Julie Watson gave some great tips and informed Karen Ranquist that her outfit was reminiscent of the great Michelle Obama. I have a feeling a lot of latecomers were only interested in the p.45 boutique discount.

North Shore WCR hosted their Thirsty Thursday on June 18, and I did my best to quench my thirst with as many free cocktails as possible.

The Front Street Lofts of Lemont is celebrating in a big way with Broker Bonus Days now through July 19. The new development in downtown Lemont is now completed and has FHA approval. Limited-time celebration prices have been rolled back up to $100,000, and here’s where you’ll want to pay attention: brokers can make 4 percent commission.

Katherine and Ryan Sather welcomed a little girl on June 6. I was hoping she’d be named Agent X, but Katherine of New West opted to go for Audrey Jacqueline instead, maybe for baby number two she’ll see the light. Other birthdays to dance about are Jennifer A. Leong, who shares a birthday with “Theresa’s Mommy” Liz Tellock on June 19. Carmen Krushas can celebrate her recent departure from Belgravia along with her birthday on June 26, while Aimee Babcock can party down on June 28.

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