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by Chicago Agent

Agent X knows a thing or two about luxury, which I’m sure you could’ve guessed. I once sold a one-bedroom condo for over $6 million to a certain basketball player that I’m not allowed to name. Needless to say that condo was for his mistress when she was in town.

Working with loaded clients is the best part about being an agent, so if you’ve never tried it before you should go out and find one for yourself. First of all – and the most obvious – the commission is going to be huge. Secondly, you get to pull out your fancy clothes that usually sit in the dry cleaner bags, because you’ve got to dress your best when working with these clients or they will want nothing to do with you. It’s also a great excuse to go shopping, if that’s your thing. Lastly, you get to look at the coolest houses around. A lot of these houses are empty for half the year, and you know what that means – pool party! Now here’s what people are talking about.

If you look to our inside back cover you’ll see the former National City/MetLife boys have made yet another jump and this time they’ve landed at Mortgage Services III. I’m guessing the switch had something to do with Snoopy, but no one will actually confirm. The college pals Gjeldum and Church will also be working with their old NC buddy, Steve Stapleton. Check out their nice new pad right above Frontera Grill.

While we’re on the topic of ditching your old digs for new ones, Joe Loescher has made the switch to KW Gold Coast.

On April 28, the @ agents gathered at the Chicago History Museum for their 2009 sales awards. Mike and Thadd might’ve had a little trouble getting everyone’s attention (reminiscent of the nuns yelling at me for talking in grammar school), but everyone paid attention when they started handing out the Rolex watches.

Also on April 28, WCR, Commercial Forum and my girl Goldie B. Wolfe Miller had a panel discussion for their annual Successful Women in Commercial Real Estate event at Maggiano’s. The buffet was awesome and I snagged the best parking spot ever – and it was free.

RHA and Coldwell Banker hosted their first-ever “Celebrate Mom!” event at Amberley Woods on May 6 with proceeds supporting the Waud Family Maternity Services at Northwestern Lake Forest Hospital. The event featured good-for-you foods, gifts and meditation exercises. My guess is when you’re a mom to more than one kid, a glass of wine does just as much good as meditation.

Designs for Dignity will host their 2010 Spirit Awards at the Chicago Cultural Center on May 12 with food, cocktails, a silent auction and awards for those who have made an impact on D4D this year. I want to make a joke here, but there are too many ways to offend people so maybe it’s best to just move on.

If you’re looking for a good deal on a parking space, and if you’re not then you probably don’t own a car, Millennium Properties will auction off 25 spaces in a live auction May 22. A commercial condo at Vue 20 will also be auctioned off. If you don’t win one of the spaces, maybe you can park your car in the condo.

The after-tax-credit specials are out! Optima’s David Hovey said he’ll knock an additional $9,000 off of any condos sold in the month of May to help those lazy people who didn’t make the deadline.

Also, Jameson’s Silver Tower has added FHA approval to its list of offerings. Prices have been slashed and buyers only have to put down 5 to 10 percent with no PMI and a 30-year fixed rate of 3.875 percent until May 31. See, who needs a silly tax credit?

Tons of bdays in May! Frank Quintero had fun on May 4, while David Steidell got down on May 7. Anthony DeVito (any relation to Danny?) partied on May 8 and give Katherine Sather a call as soon as you read this today on May 10. Belgravia Group’s Jonathan McCulloch might get lucky on May 12, while Tannis Demers and Shelly Frody could share fun times on May 14. Another Shelly, this one a Cellak, will celebrate May 19. Glen Tomlinson and Jim Chittaro will party on May 20, and Juany L. Monroy will have to wait until May 23 for cake.

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