Let’s Make a Deal

by Chicago Agent

When I was a wee-little Agent X, my favorite show was “Let’s Make a Deal.” Regular shmoes would show up at the game show and do whatever they could for a great deal. Why take the new color TV when you can trade it in for what’s under the box? Nothing beats the look on their faces when they realized that what’s under the box is a goat. Luckily, my deals never end with people heading home with a new farm animal, unless of course that’s what they want – I don’t judge.

These days, everyone still goes crazy for a great deal. I refuse to come out of my house the day after Thanksgiving, let alone go to a store where people are stampeding for discounts. In this current real estate market, every day is like Black Friday, with buyers running around like crazy trying to find the best deal. My job is to find it for them, and I always get that sale. If the buyer refuses to close the deal without the seller throwing in a free towel warmer, then by golly make it happen! If you want to invest in your own Barbados home, you have to do what it takes to get your clients a deal, or at least trick them into thinking that’s what they’ve gotten! You mull that over as I move on to the gossip.

Fresh Horizon Realty hosted a party bus tour on April 15 of six select properties, all with agent incentives and special financing. Agents received a $100 Best Buy gift card just for attending. I’ve already spent my dough on the DVD box set of “What’s Happening!!”

On that same day, Gladstone Homes hosted an exclusive behind-the-scenes “Sneak a Peek” Realtor Preview and Open House Event for their new affordable Impression Series home design, the Sagestone at Windstone Place in North Aurora. No one has gotten back to me on what a sagestone actually is.

As if tax day wasn’t already filled to the brim, 565 Quincy hosted a benefit for Annie Caltabiano’s Women of the Year Campaign for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. South of 80 played while attendees raided the open bar, snarfed appetizers and participated in a silent auction and raffle. It’s always so hard for me to stay silent at these things, but I gave it a try.

On April 22, Fre Ho hosted another event, this time a broker open at a two-bedroom, two-bathroom unit at 22 S. Western Ave. Condos in United Center Park. Agents who RSVPd and attended received a $50 Best Buy gift card. I thought maybe it would be for $22, but $50 is better because it buys more DVDs.

Also on the 22nd, Platinum Mortgage hosted a Fannie Mae short sale and REO seminar at The Meadows Club in Rolling Meadows. No gift cards, but tons of useful information, which to some people is probably equally as important.

Lynn Reidl with Real Living Helios and founder of Rejuvestate has started selling tickets for the “Restoration of Spirit, Showcase Home & Garden” event from June 18 to July 3. Design for Dignity and Citizens Lighthouse Landtrust of Evanston will benefit from the two-week event. This could be a great way to fill my good deed quota for the year.

Belgravia will host a “Midnight Tax Dash” on April 29 and 30 as they keep their 565 Quincy sales center open until the wee hours of the morning for those buyers scrambling for that $8,000 tax credit. Be sure to stop in the basement for a round of bowling as long as you’re there.
Not a lot of bdays since no one alerted me via e-mail this week. Don’t you want to see your name on this page without being made fun of? All of your friends will be jealous. The gorgeous Sandra Levitin will party on April 27, while the fabulous Kevin Thornton will celebrate on May 1. See? That could’ve been you.

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