I’m Back!

by Chicago Agent

What’s up real estaters? I am BACK! I had a great 2009, but I’ve blown my commission already, so back to the grind in 2010; which is why I’m still shilling gossip.

Formerly with Peak Development, Mike Obloy and Giles Flanagin have opened Paradigm Real Estate Group in the same building as Belgravia’s 833 N. Orleans office. The boys will specialize in planning, development, construction and property management. Nice work moving in so close to a successful developer – coincidence?

1st Advantage Mortgage’s Chris Varco recently moved over to Blueleaf Lending as Senior VP of Residential Lending. Perhaps he will be the “varco” that secures the company together. Get it? velcro? I’m a bit rusty.

Lauren Komos, formerly with Demi and Cooper Advertising, has moved to Pulte Homes as a marketing coordinator. She has a new last name to go with her new job: Deane! Either Pulte didn’t like her name or it’s got something to do with her recent wedding.

Belgravia Group has decided to co-market 565 Quincy with @properties, and are reducing prices to “reflect the current market.” I hope that means more parties at the Q Room, I need to work on my bowling.

Rick Levin and Associates will auction off Westward Development’s Citypoint Condominums on Jan. 30, along with Highland Ridge Condominiums in Frankfort and a bulk project at 65th and Nashville. I have experience as an auctioneer and could use a side gig, but Ricky hasn’t returned my calls.

235 Van Buren hosted a broker open on Jan. 12 where the first 20 Realtors received Starbucks gift cards. Chaos ensued with lines out the door. A $5,000 AMEX gift card was also available to Realtors who close by Jan. 31; I know where I’m sending my clients.

The Lawrence/Kedzie intersection, which normally is dullsville, is hopping with grand openings! Leland Crossing, repped by Conlon, will open its doors on Jan. 19 with an event featuring plasma TV giveaways, champagne, treats and 95 percent financing. Down the street, Jameson-represented Lawrence Spaulding Lofts had a Grand Opening weekend on the 17th with new models and FHA financing. Both are soft lofts starting in the $200,000s. And the race is on! Anyone want to take bets?

Chuck Goro, formerly with KS, has moved over to Coldwell to manage their massive Lincoln Park Plaza office, which just happened to be the No. 1 producing office in CA Real Data book. Yes, that was a shameless plug, go to chicago.staging312.com to see Real Data.

Speaking of plugs, Fifth Third Bank will sponsor the Bear Necessities Pediatric Cancer Foundation’s Signature Event at River East Art Center on Jan. 30th. Theresa slipped both me and our editor $20 to mention the event. There will be booze, food and music. Get more info at the CA calendar or bearnecessities.org.

I wish I could tell you all the holiday gossip, but I had a bit too much fun and can’t remember a thing; one morning I woke up wearing nothing but tinsel and a Santa cap. Look out for photos from the events in CA.

Bdays! Theresa “The Tiger” Tellock Dec. 14, Lisa Eppling and Jennifer Evans Dec. 29, Leslie “Kill Bill” Struthers Jan. 2, Dana Shaut Jan. 6, Marc “Church” Churchill Jan. 7, Jeff “The Future Mr. Porton” Parker on Jan. 9 and Kevin Rocio Jan. 13.

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